Kevin Bacon’s Daughter Looks Like Her Famous Mother in the Latest Photos


We now know which celebrity parent! Sosie Bacon most resembles! Recently, the actress posted an Instagram picture that showed how much she looks just like her mom. Kyra Sedgwick

Bacon Fans Love It! ‘Just Like Mom’Photo: New!

“Can’t drive a stick, can look hot in one, though,”Bacon captioned two photos showing Bacon in overalls, while she was sitting in the truck’s passenger seat. “Omg beauty queen,”One follower wrote. “A natural hottie, at that,”Another writer. 

Others noted her similarity to Sedgwick. “Looking just like mom,”Someone wrote. However, some were more focused on the actress’ confession that she can’t drive a stitch shift. 

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“It’s easy. I’ll bet your parents could teach you,”Someone wrote. One other person commented. “If you can act, you can drive a stick. It just takes a little practice.”One fan said simply, “You need to learn to drive a stick!”

Bacon’s Acting Career

Sedgwick isn’t Bacon’s only famous parent. Kevin Bacon is her father. She is the couple’s second child, after their son Travis. Even though both her parents are actors, they didn’t want Bacon to follow in their footsteps. 

However, she got her first role in 2005’s LoverboyShe was directed by her father. Since then, she has appeared in films like Wishin’ and Hopin’, Charlie SaysAnd Last SummerAs well as starring in shows like Scream, 13 Reasons You Should Care?, Mare of Easttown

Her Dad’s Viral Goat Videos

Bacon is close to her parents, frequently posting photos and videos of her visits to the couple’s Connecticut farm. Some of the videos, posted by Bacon’s dad, feature the family singing to the goats, ponies, and other livestock on the farm. 

He turned it into #GoatSongs and the internet loves the cute clips of his family and animals. “If animals could sing, we imagine they’d join in on this @taylorswift @chrisstapleton jam,” He captioned the viral clip of Bacon and Sedgwick that he had just posted.. “But they can’t, so @sosiebacon, @kyrasedgwickofficial and I decided to sing it for them. #GoatSongs.”

Even though her parents didn’t initially want her to act, it looks like the disagreement didn’t cause any controversy in the family. Between her acting skills and her resemblance to Sedgwick, it looks like Bacon is definitely following in her famous mother’s footsteps!

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