Kevin Bacon’s Humorous Answer to Fans Who Want to Ask About His “Beauty Routine”


Celebrities are well-known for sharing their beauty secrets, tips, tricks, and routines with fans. Kevin BaconIt’s no surprise that he is! The actor shared his secrets for looking camera-ready on Instagram. 

Bacon’s Funny Video: ‘Beauty Routine? What Kind Of Crazy Talk Is That?’

“People are always asking me ‘Do you have some kind of beauty routine or something, or do you just wake up looking like that?’”Bacon explained to the camera. “I mean, come on. Beauty routine? What kind of crazy talk is that?”

The under-eye masks are then noticed by him and he quickly rips them off, before smiling for the camera. Fans loved the funny video and shared their feelings in the comments with the emojis “crying laughing” 

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“Just keeping it real,”One fan laughed. Another wrote, “you and your wife are beautiful people!!”Another person commented. “I think those under eye patches are working Mr. Bacon.”

The Actor shares his secrets to staying fit

The 64-year-old actor is still looking good, so it’s no surprise that many are wondering about his beauty routine. A 2019 interviewBacon revealed the secrets to his appearance. “I have good genes,”Bacon made a joke, before sharing his tips. 

“I eat healthy, do sports, meditate and have good sex. Good sex is important,”The actor laughed. He also said that the makeup he uses onset for TV and movies is not his own. “helps enormously”When it comes to looking good. 

Bacon’s Latest Project

He is currently promoting his movie. They/ThemA horror movie about a group teenagers at a LGBTQ+ camp who are terrorized by an unknown killer. It’s a return to the genre for the actor; Bacon starred in the first Friday, 13 February movie in 1980. 

“In the movie, what they’re doing at this camp is the true horror, but [director John Logan] also did this really cool thing, which was he constructed it very much like a teen slasher film of the ’70s and early ’80s,” Bacon stated this in an interview with Newsweek

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He continued, “I was in one of the most seminal ones [Friday the 13th], and in that world, when you did things people found morally wrong, such as being gay, you were gonna get it. In Friday the 13th I wasn’t gay, but I had unmarried sex and smoked a joint, and that was it for me. The messaging there is not good. It’s terrible. And so John flipped that and I think it’s kind of part of his brilliance, to frame the film in that kind of way. So when I read it, I was like, of course, I’m in.”

Bacon’s fans are excited to see him again in horror films. We also enjoyed seeing his beauty routine, which keeps him camera-ready! 

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