Kevin Hunter’s Mistress Turned Fiancée


Wendy Williams is no stranger to scandal. From health problems and relapse rumors to multiple show postponements, it seems as though the 57-year-old media mogul is always facing drama. This was most definitely the case back in 2019, when Williams filed for divorce from her husband of over 20 years, Kevin Hunter. Reportedly, the split occurred because Hunter had been cheating on Williams and his mistress, Sharina Hudson, became pregnant. Now, two years after the divorce was finalized, Kevin Hunter’s mistress has become Kevin Hunter’s financée! Here’s the inside scoop on this crazy story and the “other” woman who was at the center of it all.

Kevin Hunter Was Married To Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams married TV producer Kevin Hunter in the late ’90s. While Williams was already a successful radio broadcaster when she met Hunter, her career skyrocketed over the course of their long marriage. The pair became a major power couple in the entertainment world, with Hunter serving as Williams’ manager and as executive producer of The Wendy Williams Show.

Despite the many years the pair were together, Williams says there were cracks in the marriage for a long time before they finally split. “My divorce was about a good 10 years in the making,” the talk show host said in a January 2021 interview with Essence magazine. “I’ll be honest with you. With every year, the talk show would get bigger and better, and my husband would get meaner to the world. I didn’t like who I was seeing.”

Williams says that Hunter had a hard time dealing with her fame, even though he was in charge of many important behind-the-scenes decisions. “The idea that the show wasn’t called The Wendy Hunter Show was a big source of problems,” Williams revealed in a 2021 interview with Interview magazine. “If somebody called him Mr. Williams, all of a sudden a sunny day would turn into a storm cloud. I’m disappointed in him, but I quickly got over that because anger causes wrinkles.”

There were also constant rumors circulating about Hunter’s extramarital affairs, and Williams admits she knew for years that her husband was a “serial cheater.” But the last straw came when she learned that his mistress, Sharina Hudson, was pregnant. “Infidelity is one thing, a full baby is a whole other topic,” the talk show host explained in an interview on The View. At that point, she filed for divorce.

How Kevin Hunter Met Sharina Hudson

While we don’t know exactly how Hunter and Hudson met, we do know that they’ve been seeing each other for a long time. Wendy Williams herself revealed this in a 2021 radio interview, saying “[he’s had] this side girl for almost 15 years of our marriage. I’ve known about her almost since the beginning.”

Photos have also surfaced of Hunter and Hudson together all the way back in 2007, during a party in New York City that was hosted by Wendy Williams.

So who is Sharina Hudson? Reportedly, she’s a former massage therapist from New York City and she’s believed to be in her mid-30s. In March of 2019, she gave birth to Kevin Hunter’s “love child,” a healthy baby girl.

According to her Instagram bio, Hudson is an author, designer, chef, and entrepreneur. A practicing vegan for many years as a result of suffering from a bacteria infection, she owns a food and nutrition company called Vegan Nose. She’s also the creator of a luxury athleisure wear brand called Vish.

They Recently Got Engaged

It seems that Hunter has settled comfortably into his life as a new dad since his divorce from Williams was finalized in 2020. According to the Sun, Williams’ 49-year-old ex popped the question to his baby mama with an enormous diamond ring worth $80,000. The happy family now live in Florida and have been snapped out and about running errands with their little girl.

The Sun also reports that the former TV producer has started a new life for himself as a local businessman, opening up a barbershop in Boca Raton called Head Hunters. He and Hudson reportedly live together with their daughter in an upscale community in Coral Springs.

As for Wendy Williams, the 57-year-old star says she’s gotten over the baby mama drama of 2019. “It’s now time for me to move on with my life,” she said in her 2021 interview with The View.