Kevin McKidd Defends Ellen Pompeo For Cutting Back Grey’s Role


Grey’s AnatomyThe ceremony included many honors for hit shows such as “The Voice” and “The Simpsons.” This Is UsThe six-season run of the lasted until May, when it was officially ended. Star, however, is still available. Mandy Moore—who starred as matriarch Rebecca Pearson—was honored with an acting nomination and this year’s Virtuoso Award at the ceremony, fans were shocked when she was snubbed a Best Actress nomination for the 2022 Emmys.

Her co-star and son onscreen Justin Hartley—who played Kevin Pearson—praised Moore for her talent on and off-camera, telling Daily PopOn the red carpet “I think she’s a rare talent and I think she’s a rare person.”

“I will tell you something,”He concluded, “if you call Mandy Moore and you ask her for advice, she will either give you advice or if she doesn’t know anything about what you’re asking, she will find somebody that does and put you in contact with them and make your life better. She is like a therapist, actress, mother—what can’t she do? She’s incredible.”