Kid Rock Cancels Last-Minute Concert, Redirecting Rage Fans to the Rage Venue


On Friday night, Kid Rock abruptly cancelled a concert. Fans weren’t happy. Many ticket-holders became furious when they realized Kid Rock would not be performing on the stage. According to a report from, at least one person was taken away by police in handcuffs. TMZ.

Kid Rock was due to perform at the North Dakota State Fair, Minot at 9:00 p.m. Friday night. The storm that allegedly swept through town prevented Kid Rock’s outdoor performance from starting. Concert-goers were informed of this. But the storm passed quickly, and it was safe for Kid Rock to resume the outdoor show at around 11 p.m. The concert was delayed by about 18,000 people who believed it had been cancelled. Finally, a police officer appeared on the stage to give the bad news.

Ward County Sheriff’s Department sent a deputy to the stage to announce that concert had been cancelled. The crowd erupted in chaos. Some attendees had been drinking and began throwing beer cans at the stage. Security even tackled one man who climbed on the stage to strike a menacing pose.

One man was taken away by police after being handcuffed. However, it is not known if any other legitimate arrests were made. According to TMZ, there were approximately 20 people in attendance. “turned the place upside down,”However, it is not clear how much damage was done.

Kid Rock issued a statement via social media later, apologizing for his fans and not adding to the chaos. He wrote: “SO PISSED OFF we could not play for a sold out crowd tonight in Minot, ND (because of high winds) – I know it sucks but none of us can control mother nature. Please be safe leaving and take care of each other. -Kid Rock.”

A statement was also made by the North Dakota State Fair on Facebook. It said: “Due to the safety concerns of the high winds, lightning, and severe weather in the area, the Kid Rock concert had to be canceled. The North Dakota State Fair will be issuing refunds to all ticket purchasers.”

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