Kim Basinger: What happened? Where is she now in 2022


Oscar-winning actor, Kim BasingerShe was once considered the Hollywood’s most popular actress. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 40 years since we watched her in her breakout role as Bond girl Domino in Never Say Never Again But, in 2022, it feels like we haven’t heard from the leading lady in years. What happened to Kim Basinger? Is she going to be back on the big screen?

Kim Basinger Was Once One Of Hollywood’s Most Prominent Actresses

In the ‘80s, Kim Basinger was one of the most popular actresses around. Basinger was often compared to Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot as the ultimate sex icon. She began modeling and was given small parts on various TV shows. In 1983, she got her big break when she was cast in Domino’s role on the TV series. Never Say Never AgainIt was published in Playboy.

She was a star in many other hits films, including 9 ½ Weeks, Too Hot To Handle, And of course, Batman. But, Lynn Bracken was the one who played that role. LA ConfidentialThat performance changed how she was seen in Hollywood. She won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award as Best Supporting Actress for her performance.

Why she Rarely Acts Anymore

Basinger’s last acting gig was in her appearances in the Fifty Shades sequels, Fifty Shades that are DarkerAnd Fifty Shades for FreeIn 2017 and 2018, back 

One major reason why Basinger isn’t working in entertainment as much these days is that She is afflicted by anxiety and agoraphobia.. A 2013 interview with Vanity FairShe decided to take care of her illness herself and not rely on medication. She said: “Now I wake up and enjoy life. I didn’t want to live on drugs. I wanted to face everything I was afraid of.”

In addition to Basinger’s struggles with anxiety, the actress has never enjoyed the fame aspect of her job. Basinger claims that “I’m not a big red-carpet girl. But I love the work.” She’s also grateful for how long she’s been able to do the work that she has and feels “blessed because I’ve had such longevity.”

Basinger wanted to protect her daughter

As Basinger’s daughter Ireland Baldwin (who she shares with her ex-husband Alec Baldwin) grew up, she realized it was best to keep Ireland away from the pressures of fame and try to keep a lower profile. “She grew up in the limelight but I tried to provide stability and a quieter world,”Basinger spoke of her 26-year old daughter. 

Basinger gave Ireland a peaceful, normal life. Ireland was born into a family with stars and she was certain that she would return to Hollywood. She eventually followed in her mom’s footsteps and Model becameSigned with Two Management and IMG Models “She’s doing extremely well,” Basinger told Vanity Fair. “You just want them to follow their own path, and she totally did this on her own.”

She has a passion for animals

In addition to being her mini-me’s biggest cheerleader, Basinger has dedicated a lot of her time to ending animal cruelty. ​​In 2019, She received an awardLast Chance for Animals for her investigation into animal abuse. She shared the following: More, “I love my work as an actress, professionally… but this is my heart… and when I stand up for my animals… this is my heart.”

We wish Basinger continued following her heart and being a great mom. We hope Basinger finds some time to watch the big screen again.