Kim Kardashian Allegedly Trying To Push ‘Creepy’ Kanye West Into A Psych Ward Amid Divorce Drama, Gossip Says


Is Kim Kardashian trying to meddle with Kanye West‘s mental health? One tabloid claims the reality star wants West to get help, so she plans to give him a little nudge. Here’s the latest gossip about Kardashian and West.

Kim Kardashian Pushing Kanye West ‘Over The Edge’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Kim Kardashian has a plan to get Kanye West the help he needs. Apparently, Kardashian has reached her limit with West’s recent antics and she now plans to push him over the edge and straight into a psych ward. “[Kardashian] figures something drastic has to change if Kanye’s going to get the reset he needs,” an inside source dishes. “All Kanye’s doing right now is self-destructing in public. Everyone in his world — and hers — is placing bets on when he’ll unravel and totally implode with some major self-destructive breakdown.”

And since West is currently under investigation for battery after he allegedly punched a fan, she figures something needs to be done now. “Kim is horrified. To her, it’s proof he’s in a very bad place. She’s taking it as one more sign Kanye needs serious help. As much as she wants to save him, she just can’t sacrifice any more of her life for him — she’s done.”

So, she’s going all-in on her relationship with Pete Davidson, hoping it will push West closer to recovery. “Kim figures tough love is the only thing that’s going to work here, so she’s flaunting her romance with Pete with the full intention of pushing Kanye’s buttons. She just wants to show him loud and clear that she’s never coming back. He needs help — and if she can push him into getting it, then all the better,” the tipster concludes.

Is She Really Doing It ‘For His Own Good’?

This story is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, Kim Kardashian has handled her and Kanye West’s separation very gently. While she did strike up a romance with Pete Davidson, she’s been careful not to post about him or talk about him publicly. And if Kardashian was concerned about West’s mental health, we seriously doubt she’d do anything to hurt him. He’s still the father of her children, and we’re sure she still cares about his well-being.

Besides, how exactly is Kardashian planning to push West “over the edge”? To just keep dating Davidson? Surely, Kardashian was planning to do so regardless of West, so nothing is really changing here at all. Kardashian probably doesn’t have any grand plan to hurt West, and she’s most likely just trying to get on with her life. This entire story is just insane and we’re sure that it didn’t come from anyone close to Kardashian.

The Tabloid On Kim Kardashian

This isn’t the first time the National Enquirer has been wrong about Kardashian. Not long ago, the outlet reported Kardashian was calling out West for being “bad in bed.” Then the magazine claimed West was showering Kardashian with gifts in an effort to win her back. And more recently, the publication alleged Kardashian was bragging about her relationship with Davidson to make West jealous. Obviously, the Enquirer isn’t the most reliable when it comes to Kardashian.

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