Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner Supposedly Intent To Place Kanye West in A Conservatorship Over Pete Davidson Feud. Unverified Report Says


Are you Kim KardashianAnd Kris Jenner considering placing Kanye WestUnder a conservatorship One tabloid claims Kardashian’s romance with Pete DavidsonWest has been pushed to the brink. Here’s the latest gossip about West and Kardashian’s divorce.

Kim Kardashian To ‘ Seek Complete Control’ Of Kanye West’s Life?

The most recent edition of In Touch This shocking revelation reveals that Kim Kardashian may place Kanye west under conservatorship. It’s no secret that Kardashian’s estranged husband had made quite the spectacle out of his personal life over the last few months. The rapper has been airing his frustrations on social media and threatening Kardashian’s new beau Pete Davidson in his songs. But sources say Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner are especially concerned with West’s behavior given his history with mental illness.

“Kim and Kris have tried reasoning with him, but he’s at the point where he fights back when people accuse him of being off his meds,”Insider recipes “A conservatorship may be the best route to take… Kim and Kanye’s divorce still isn’t final, so she can apply for conservatorship.” And Kardashian is going to need her mother’s help when it comes to handling West’s money.

“[Jenner would] be delighted to help with Kanye’s finances,”The snitch muses. “His spending has been out of control! He bought Julia Fox a roomful of clothes on their first date. With a conservatorship in place, Kim and Kris could monitor his every action. After all, more money in Kanye’s pockets means more money in theirs.”A Kardashian conservatorship is unlikely to be what West desires. “Kanye could be trapped in Kardashian prison for years to come,”The source concludes.

Kanye West Interested in Conservatorship

We aren’t buying this story. While we’re sure Kim Kardashian still wants the best for West’s health, we doubt she’d go as far as to take control of his life. Kim Kardashian also made it clear that her desire to live her own life is separate from her husband. That was something that the tabloid completely missed. Kardashian applied to be declared legally single. Given that move, we doubt she’s trying to further entangle herself legally with Kanye West. Worse than this evidence is the fact West appears to have destroyed any hopes of civility with her music video Pete Davidson’s burial in a cemetery. The shocking spectacle will no doubt further solidify Kardashian’s push to escape the rapper.

In addition, the outlet implied that Kim Kardashian would file for conservatorship to obtain West’s fortune. Not only is that notion extremely offensive, but it’s a severe violation of conservatorship law — as we saw in Britney Spears’ battle to end her own conservatorship. We just can’t trust any source that would gossip about Kardashian and her family so salaciously.

The Outlet on The Kardashians

Notably, In Touch Kim Kardashian and her family has been a source of controversy for the media outlet. Last year, the outlet reported Kardashian was calling off her and West’s divorce “for the money.”Kourtney West and Khloe Kim Kardashian planned competing weddings, the magazine said. The magazine claimed that West was angry at Kim Kardashian for asking to be legally single. Obviously, In Touch isn’t the most reliable when it comes to the Kardashian family.

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