Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Supposedly Plan To Elope in Australia, According to Sketchy Report


Are You Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson hearing wedding bells? According to one tabloid, the reality star is planning to marry her comedian boyfriend on their trip to Australia. Let’s check in on Kardashian and Davidson’s whirlwind romance.

Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson ‘Eloping To Oz’?

This week’s edition of Neue Idea reports Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are going down under later this year to film Davidson’s new comedy Wizards!. Sources claim that the couple has more in mind for their trip than shooting a movie. According to the article Kardashian and Davidson might be planning to marry after seven months of their courtship.

“From Kim’s perspective, fourth time’s the charm,” a snitch spills. “She and Pete are already deep in talks about the type of ceremony they’d like. It may look rushed to some, but that doesn’t bother them. This is the real deal.”

Are Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Talking About Marrying?

While this report is pure speculation, it’s not hard to see how the tabloid came up with this story. Kim Kardashian isn’t afraid of impulsive weddings. Damon Thomas and Kim Kardashian famously got married in Vegas. And Davidson famously isn’t scared of commitment. He proposed to Ariana Grande only after two weeks of dating. The comedian even branded Kardashian’s name into his skinBecause he felt tattoos were too permanent. So, now that Davidson and Kardashian are getting serious, it isn’t far-fetched to assume they’ve talked about marriage.

But now, let’s talk about the reasons this story is unlikely. First of all Kardashian is fresh from her divorce with Kanye. And since she has four young children at home, we seriously doubt she’s going to rush into another marriage. Davidson is also going to Australia on work. We doubt he’s trying to work a wedding into his shooting schedule. But the real kicker of this story is that Davidson and Kardashian haven’t even announced an engagement. This entire premise seems absurd.

Who knows? We might be surprised by a romance between Davidson and Kardashian. But if we’re putting money on it, we’d bet that Kardashian isn’t going to come back from Australia as a married woman.

Kim Kardashian: The Tabloid

Neue Idea doesn’t have a great track sheet when it comes to Kim Kardashian. According to the outlet, Paris Hilton was collaborating with Skims founder for a six-part reality series. And then the magazine claimed Kardashian was caught flirting with David Beckham at a party, much to Victoria Beckham’s chagrin. Given Neue Idea‘s unreliable reporting in the past, we’We are skeptical about anything the rag has to say about Kim Kardashian.

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