Kim Kardashian calls Khloe Kardashian “Poster Child of Resilience”


Khloe KardashianIt is important to show sisterly love.

Sister was honored by the Good American co-founder Kim Kardashian on her 42nd birthday with a letter that highlighted who Kim is in Khloe’s eyes.

“My brave, remarkably resilient sister, happy birthday!”Khloe wrote in Oct. 21 Instagram post. “Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving we simply become more resilient and, in my opinion, you are the poster child of resilience.”

Khloe continued to say that SKIMS’ mogul has been named after her. “stronger, wiser, braver, more vocal with your beliefs” over time—something that Khloe believes is rare.

“You have managed to become kinder and gentler the more years that have gone by,”She wrote. “I thought people got grumpier the older that they became, but you have become a more self-aware, loving and patient person. The busier you become, the more you give to the ones you love.”

She wrapped her touching message, 38 years old, with the promise she would do whatever it took to help Kim. Khloe doesn’t hesitate to use her ride-or die mentality.

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