Kim Kardashian looks completely unrecognizable in this post


Allison StatterOne of the most Kim Kardashian’s good friends, and Kardashian was featured in a recent post by Statter of the two celebrating Statter’s birthday with a few of their friends. While it’s not uncommon to see Kardashian in a Social Media PhotoIt is not common, however, to see how different she looks in this photo.

You can check out the second in from the left

The fashion icon may be lost to someone scrolling quickly. With her head cocked, smiling, and looking straight into the camera, she is easy to miss. Kardashian’s look is casual. Her style shines through just a little more than usual. Most of the time when we see the influencer, it’s a Photos carefully designedWith perfect hair and dramatic makeup, she looks stunning in this look. “ladies who lunch”-type photo.

Au Natural

It’s pretty cool to see Kim Kardashian in a more relaxed state. We’re not sure if it’s the rarity of such a picture or the refreshing nature of it, but more photos like it sure would be fun.

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