Kim Kardashian pays tribute to her dad on the anniversary of his death


It is gone but not forgotten

Kim KardashianPayed tribute to her late father Robert KardashianOn the 19th anniversary of his passing, we shared a number of handwritten memories.

The 41-year old posted her Instagram Stories. Posted a noteWritten to her by her father with the caption “19 years ago my daddy passed away. I miss coming home to these notes that I could hardly read w his left handwriting. I love you so much dad, I can always feel you.”

She also shared many F.ather’s day cardsHe had received many of the cards she gave her over the years. She told his fans that she kept all the cards she wrote to him. One card read: “Dad- I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you do for me. I love working for you! I love you and happy fathers day.”

She also shared several throwback videos and photos, including one of the lawyer skiing with his loved ones.

“We skied every Thanksgiving,” Kim also wrote alongside the video. “Best memories ever! And the reason I love skiing today, especially with my kids.”

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