Kim Kardashian retorts after vegans mock her vegan commercial


Kim Kardashian has taken steps in order to prove that she did indeed try a vegan product, despite being mocked last week for her promotion.

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Kim Kardashian appointed Beyond Meat’s chief taste consultant

Kim Kardashian was mocked for promoting a variety of vegan foods last week, despite not tasting the product.

The food star on reality TV, 41, was branded the celebrity. “delicious”The commercial shows the products being displayed, but they appear to have been left unaffected.

She had previously told her fans that Beyond Meat was her partner. “help with my greatest asset – my taste”.

Fans quickly noticed that the burger she was supposed to be eating was still perfect in their eyes.

Kim took to Instagram Tuesday to share some of the outtakes of the shoot, in an attempt to dispel any claims that she had never tried the products.

She uploaded clips to her Story in an effort to prove that doubters were wrong.

In the first photo, a burger is marked with a bite mark. Kim, blonde, proceeds to take the top off the bun and tell the camera. “I’m getting rid of some of the carbs.”

After that, she makes sure the camera captures her eating a huge bite. “So good.”

Next came the dippers. SKIMS founder, again, made sure she was filming herself chewing the item and giving an excessively contented smile.

As she put the meatballs into her mouth, the final clip showed her staring down at the lens. She gave a satisfied nod of approval.

She took more photos while she was eating the dippers.

Kim was allegedly seen trying the same products, but it wasn’t purchased by her fans in the original video.

One wrote that at the time: “This is beyoooond meat, so good you don’t even have to eat it.”

Another comment: “I ain’t buying it cause you ain’t really eating it,”Then, a smiling face with laughter and crying is followed.

Kim gave her fans a photo dump from her recent trip through Italy on Tuesday.

The beauty shared photos from her luxurious trip with North, 8-year-old daughter, to witness Kourtney Kardashian marry Travis Barker in a series of uploads.

The images showed the star taking in beauty spots as well posing onboard a boat together with the youngster.

The pair were quickly dubbed the mother-daughter couple by their fans “dynamic duo”While some were shocked at how big the North looked, others couldn’t believe it.

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