Kim Kardashian Supposedly “Plotting Revenge” on Kourtney


Does it Kim KardashianResent Kourtney Kardashian? A rumor suggests Kim doesn’t like her older sister stealing the spotlight. Gossip Cop investigates.

Kourtney Seizes Thunder

Both Kardashians can be content. Kim is thriving with Pete Davidson and reportedly plans on making their official debut as a married couple at the Met Gala. Not to be outdone, Kourtney attended the Academy Awards by Travis Justin Bieber’s ‘Big Suit’ Grammy Ensemble May Have Turned Heads, But It Wasn’t That Original Barker’s side. Sources confirm HeatKim is mad.

In Kim’s eyes, Kourtney has stolen her moment. No one’s going to care about her and Davidson’s Met Gala debut after seeing all the PDA on the Oscars red carpet. Kim wants a big moment and Kourtney thinks she took it away. These are just the latest in a long line of fights between the Kardashian sisters.

Kourtney, on the other hand, believes Kim is just vying for attention. She would love to have a real argument with Kim instead of letting out all her bad energy. In Kourtney’s eyes, Kim is just jealous because she didn’t get an invitation to the Oscars.

Preposterous, and even dated

No one could talk about Kardashians after Will Smith’s performance at the ceremony. The Black for MenAfter he attacked Chris Rock, just seconds before winning Best Actor, Kourtney dominated the conversation. This was his first Oscar win. The moment is now ingrained in pop culture, while Kourtney’s presence could easily have gone unnoticed.

Kim was a beautiful sight at the Vanity Fair Afterparty, even though she didn’t get an Oscar invitation. She is very comfortable at the Met Gala, where one of her gowns was involved in an international grave-robbing scheme. Kim and maybe Davidson are likely to be there big time when the ceremony rolls around May 2.

Gossip CopCompletely disregards the claims of sisterly drama. The Kardashian sisters are known for being tight. Kim Kourtney was featured on her Instagram StoryThe night before the ceremony, she was raving about her dress. Red carpets are their business and the sisters are together. There’s no conflict to be found here; just love and support.

It’s not the best source

HeatIt has a bad track record in relation to the Kardashians. It was reported that Kourtney was running to Barker’s wedding last year. They just tied the knot in Las Vegas after this outlet had promised them they would. It also promoted Kim’s divorce party, but that never really happened. It was a turbulent divorce from Kanye West.

A Kardashian story will reveal its true colors. It once bashed Khloe Kardashian’s appearance and claimed she was planning to get more plastic surgery to cope with her “panic.”This was an awful angle, which was quickly dropped. Clearly, Heat just can’t keep up.

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