Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North West’s New Artwork Is Getting Fans Buzzing


Kim Kardashian Kanye West’sThe oldest daughter NorthThis girl has some serious artistic talent! The seriously talented 9-year-old has already mastered the Bob Ross style of art and now she’s moving onto something more…abstract. Fans loved photos of North’s latest works of art posted by Kardashian, and they’re all saying the same thing. 

Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West is known for her artistic talent. The precocious 9-year-old’s artwork has been a source of pride for Kardashian, who’s posted photos of North’s art on social media in the past.

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Back then, North was emulating iconic painter Bob Ross’ style with a pretty little waterside painting. Now her tastes run decidedly opposite, and fans can’t stop crediting her new artistic direction to her dad.

Kardashian posted a few photos of North’s creation during a visit to the Yeezy studios. North clearly had a lot of fun with the fabric markers. She also showed her craft skills by creating some hair braids that gave the project a 3D effect. 

The alien-inspired and somewhat creepy characters North created was loved by all. North clearly has a fun, spooky streak. She just celebrated her birthday by throwing a haunted campout party. These little ghouls with their dark-colored eyes and gaunt faces would look great at the party. Even the feminine figure has a snake sticking out of her mouth.

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Even though it’s still summer, Kardashian and Kanye West fans were evidently in the mood for a scare since they totally ate the artwork up. “If my kid drew these alien looking drawings I’d be so damn PROUD. Cool,”One person wrote.

Others seemed optimistic about North’s future as a clothing designer, with one person commenting, “Better than 98% of streetwear brands already whew,”While another writer wrote “she has that designer soul in her.”

The trend was also followed by other comments: “yeah that’s def kanye’s daughter,”One person commented, and another added. “The heir to the throne.” “Like pops like daughter!!”One person wrote it completely and another added another. “You can thank her DAD @kanyewest for her creativity. We all know where it stems from. #jeenyuhs.”

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Though it would appear that some fans feel the need to throw shade even while giving a compliment, there’s no denying that young North West is very talented for her age and that she’s lucky enough to have two loving parents who support her. It’s so cool to see her little imagination take off, even if the results might show up in our nightmares one night. Honestly, though. What would it be like?

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