Kim Kardashian’s style: From Kanye and Ray Jay to Pete Davidson


They say the couple that dress together, stay together – but that theory doesn’t appear to have worked out for Kim Kardashian so far.

Kim matches her outfits with the man she is seeing in these photos, as you can see.

Whether it is just a fling, like the short-lived romance between her and Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubrey, or Mariah Carey’s former husband Nick Cannon.

Or one of her three marriages – to music producer Damon Thomas, basketball player Kris Humphries or rap megastar Kanye West, who she is currently divorcing – Kim is a big fan of styling her clothes like her man.

She is currently twinning with comedian and Saturday Night Live host Pete Davidson.

Here we look back on Kim’s matchiest man moments so far – which is your favourite?

Damon Thomas

Back in 2000, a 19-year-old Kim wasn’t even famous yet so there aren’t pictures of her and first husband Damon Thomas together- but separate photos taken of them at the time show their style was still very similar. They liked prints!

Kim later claimed that Damon was 10 years younger than her when she tied the knot.

Damon claims that Damon was abusive and they divorced three years later.

Kim testified in court that: “He wanted to know where I was at all times”. He may have even encouraged her to undergo plastic surgery.

Ray J

Another Noughties romance and a fashion style to match, this is Kim in her Ray J days – the man she famously made a sex tape with.

The reality TV star is believed to have cheated upon Damon with Ray J who is the brother to singer Brandy norwood. Kim met the pair while Kim was her stylist.

Kim became a household celebrity one year after their split. It is believed that she made $5 million from it.

Kim revealed recently the true reason she made the video, and it was not to gain fame. Kim claims that she was just horny.

Nick Lachey

Kim only went on one date with Nick Lachey in 2006 – but still managed to match her white and black outfit to his.

It was an important date because Kim was the first woman Nick had seen since his split from Jessica Simpson.

He suggested Kim had tipped the paparazzi off later, and said: “We went to a movie. No one followed us there.

“Somehow, mysteriously when we left there were 30 photographers waiting outside. There are certain ways to play this game, and some people play it well.”

Nick Cannon

Same year, same monochrome couples look – but this time with TV host Nick Cannon.

The pair only dated for a few months, splitting in early 2007 shortly after Kim’s sex tape was leaked.

Nick later stated that their relationship ended because Kim lied to him about the sex tape.

“She’s actually one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. What about the fact she lied and claimed that there was no tape?

“I still think she might have even had a part to play with [its release],” he told US radio show host Howard Stern.

Nick went on to marry and have twins with singing superstar Mariah Carey. They have since divorced but remain on friendly terms.

Reggie Bush

Kim dated American football star Reggie Bush for three years from 2007 and 2010 – and over that time there were a few twinning outfits.

These two are a match made in heaven, no matter if they’re dressed up in navy blue or wearing casual white on the red carpet.

Reggie was known to have been infatuated with Kim, and even hoped to marry her.

But there are claims she was seeing Kanye West behind his back, even though the couple didn’t officially get together until 2012.

Gabriel Aubry

Kim briefly dated Gabriel Aubry, a Canadian male model. They were seen in matching outfits while they watched a November 2010 basketball game.

The couple didn’t stay together very long, going their separate ways in December of that year.

Gabriel reportedly called things off with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star because his ex Halle Berry – who he shares daughter Nahla with – was unhappy about the relationship.

Kris Humphries

Kim was also dating Aubry at the time, and she later met Kris Humphries (basketball star).

During the seven months they dated – which turned out to be way longer than their 72 day marriage – they were spotted in a number of twinning outfits

Their style was elegant and perfectly matched. Despite looking great together, the romance didn’t last and they split in 2011.

Kris filed for divorce when he used the following: ‘fraud’Kim was accused of marrying Kim to increase TV ratings.

Kim later admitted that she had rushed the marriage because she was worried about turning 30.

Kanye West

When Kim tied the knot with third husband Kanye West it seemed like she had finally got her happy ending – these pair could twin for days.

From their glamorous matching looks at the Met Gala to wearing the same jeans and Balmain black jackets while out on dates, they couldn’t get enough of each other’s style.

Even though they had split, Kim recently paired the red catsuit she wore to Kanye’s latest album launch with the outfit he was wearing.

This led some fans to think a reconciliation was on the cards, but it seems this isn’t to be as Kim is said to have hired a celebrity divorce lawyer to finalise their separation.

Pete Davidson

Fast forward to 2021 and Kim has done it again – this time with current beau Pete Davidson.

After Kim’s Saturday Night Live appearance with Pete, rumors of a romance erupted. They even shared an on-screen kiss during a skit while dressed as Disney’s Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.

Their romance seems to have been confirmed when Pete and Kim posed together in matching SKIMS pyjamas for Pete’s 28th birthday celebrations this week.

Now the question is, which Kim and Pete will wear next?

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