King Charles Announces That He Will Replace Prince Harry in a Special Role


King Charles III has announced a major change in Prince Harry’s life. ET CanadaCharles has been appointed the next Captain General in the Royal Marines.

Buckingham Palace The change was confirmed on FridayThis year marks the 358th anniversary of Corps of Royal Marines’ founding in 1664 under King Charles II’s reign. During his time in the Navy, the king served alongside Royal Marines. “I feel greatly honoured to become part of the Corps Family and very much look forward to meeting many of you in the near future. In the meantime, this comes with my heartfelt and special wishes for a very happy 358th birthday,”A statement by The Royal Family

The Royal Marine Commandos (similar to the United States Navy SEALS) are considered one the world’s most elite fighting forces. They specialize in the Royal Marine Commandos. “combat in extreme climates, serving on the most dangerous operations under the most challenging conditions,”This is the official statement from the Royal Family site.

“It is the greatest possible pleasure to assume the role of your Captain General. I am exceptionally proud to follow in the footsteps of so many members of my family over the last three and a half centuries, all of whom held the role with a deep sense of admiration,”King Charles has also signed his declaration confirming this role. “The Royal Marines have a distinguished and unparalleled history, both on land and at sea. I draw immense inspiration from your courage, determination, self-discipline and a remarkable capacity to endure in the most extreme environments.”

Harry held the title from February 2021 to the moment when he and Meghan Markle officially retired as senior royals. He was stripped of his military titles, something which caused controversy at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

It was not clear at the time whether Harry would be allowed wear his military uniform while serving. King Charles finally allowed his son, Harry, to wear his military uniform as a tribute to his grandmother when she was laid to repose.

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