King Charles III, Royal Family Face Scrutiny as World Mourns Queen


A former royal bodyguard says a man was “milliseconds from death” at the hands of armed police after running in front of the car to take a photo of the newly dubbed King Charles III.

The shocking security breach happened as the new king’s motorcade was leaving parliament and his maroon Rolls-Royce was slowed down by bumper-to-bumper traffic. The man ran for about 100 yards to reach the king’s car.

“That person has never gotten that close to King Charles, period,” terrorism expert Manny Gomez said. 

The incident is raising questions about security as heads of state from across the globe, including President Joe Biden and the first lady, prepare to gather for the queen’s funeral.

In another incident that happened as members of the royal family followed the queen’s hearse through Edinburgh, a man in the crowd heckled Prince Andrew before being quickly overpowered by others in attendance.

“Andrew, you’re a sick old man!” the man shouted.

During the procession through the Scottish capital, where the queen is lying in state, Prince Andrew was the only sibling not in military uniform after being stripped of his rank over sexual misconduct allegations.

The events surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s death continued as Britain’s lawmakers sang the national anthem and King Charles was formally proclaimed king.

At the ceremony, King Charles was spotted looking frustrated as he signaled to an aide to clear his desk of clutter so he could sign the documents. He gestured at the aide again to remove a pen tray.

“We have to step back and acknowledge that the stress he must be feeling is monumental. Aside from the fact that he’s grieving the loss of his mother on a global, public stage, he’s also having to undertake the constitutional duties that he’s now expected to maintain,” royal expert Victoria Arbiter said. 

On Tuesday, the queen’s body will be brought back to London, where she will lie in state for four days. Tens of thousands of people are expected to file past her coffin, and authorities are warning that spectators can expect to stand in line for hours. 

Meanwhile, concerns are being raised over the 73-year-old king’s health. He is the oldest British monarch ever to ascend to the throne. Photos of his hands show his fingers stubby and badly swollen, which could indicate poor blood circulation or severe arthritis. 

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