KJ Apa Deserves an Oscar for His Dr. Suess Storytelling Skills


KJ Apa has gone full KJ papa. 

In a recent Instagram post, the Riverdale star showed off in full dad mode with a sweet video reading to him and Clara Berry‘s baby, Sasha Vai Kenti Apa. The precious clip shows KJ and Sasha lying down on a carpet while he intently reads a book by Dr. Suess in the most entertaining of voices. 

KJ captioned the moment, “Dr. Suess wins everytime.” And by the looks of the comment section, he may be right!

One user commented, “the best father.” Another user gushed by adding, “Such a good dad.”

KJ’s post also got the stamp of precious approval from his fellow Riverdale stars. Erinn Westbrook, who plays Tabitha Tate in the show, chimed in by adding a red heart emoji with an exclamation point, while Nathalie Bolt, known for her role of Penelope Blossom, exclaimed, “Every. Time.”

In recent months, the New Zealand native has given more glimpses into his life as a new dad, including moments like serenading Sasha with an interpretative dance or more tame activities like simply snuggling on the couch

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