Klopp stated who Henderson’s long-term replacement should be


Charlie Austin, a former Premier League striker, has said that Conor Gallagher might replace Jordan Henderson at Liverpool.

The Chelsea midfielder, who is currently on loan to Crystal Palace from Chelsea has been a huge success and was a key part of their promising campaign under Patrick Vieira. The 22-year-old has eight goals and three assists to his name in 29 league appearances, whilst also being key in the Eagles’ progression into the semi-final of the FA Cup.

Austin, QPR’s striker believes Gallagher has shown that he can play week in and week out for a top six side. He admits Chelsea will want to keep their academy product.

Speak to talkSPORTAustin said: “I think any football team would love to have Conor Gallagher. He’s so energetic, you look at him the way he plays, I think a lot of football fans see him play and would think ‘I would like him to be at my club’.”

When asked if Liverpool would sign him, he replied: “I say yes, I said he would be, not a replacement, not saying this for Jordan Henderson. But when Jordan moves on, or retires, or comes into a new football role, he [Gallagher] would be great for Liverpool.”

Henderson, who is 31 years old, has been an integral player for the Reds this season. He started 26 league games. Even though his contract doesn’t expire until 2025, some feel that it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if Jurgen Klopp begins to look for a successor for the former Sunderland midfielder.

Conor Gallagher has been in flying form for Palace this season
This season, Conor Gallagher was flying for Palace

Speaking about Gallagher’s return to Stamford Bridge in the summer, Austin continued: “Him coming to Chelsea, I think it’s a perfect opportunity for him. As players, when an opportunity comes, you’ve got to take them and this one, I think Conor Gallagher will be looking at, as well as his representatives. Whether they are thinking about what we can do next year.

“I think he will be looking at it and thinking, ‘I’m going to try my best and give everything at Chelsea’.”

It remains to be seen how Gallagher’s career pans out with the Blues, or whether he fears that the quality already at the club means that his opportunities there will be limited. Palace will be waiting to sign the playmaker permanently if that is the case.