Klopp’s secret weapon during Liverpool’s pursuit Bellingham


Liverpool appear to be increasing their charm offensive as Jude Bellingham’s inevitable return home to England draws closer.

While England’s dominant 3-0 victory over Ivory Coast on Tuesday night might have been marred somewhat by Harry Maguire’s “boo-gate”, it should be celebrated instead for Jude Bellingham’s masterclass.

As he continues to live up the hype, the 18-year old dazzled again for the Three Lions at Wembley. The Borussia Dortmund player was an outstanding midfielder and his dominating display will be a big message to Gareth Southgate, his England manager. Liverpool is not the least.

Reds have become increasingly linked to the talented teenager as his return to England is closer. Jurgen Klopp’s team faces a lot of competition for the rising star. However, they might just have an edge.

Jordan Henderson isn’t one to let his admissions get him down, but his remarks about Bellingham this week are telling. Even though he has admitted to being reluctant when it comes to talking up fellow footballers, Liverpool’s skipper has lavished praises on the Dortmund star.

“I don’t like speaking too highly of players, especially when they’re such a young age because everybody else seems to do that pretty quickly. But I’ve been very impressed,”Henderson said SPORTbibleBellingham when we were discussing it earlier in the week. “I like the way he plays.

“I like his personality. That is the most important. I love the way he conducts his business. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about him.

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“He’s a great lad, a fantastic player and I’m sure he’ll go from strength to strength as he gets older and matures. When I watch him, he plays with such maturity even now. The sky is the limit for him really.”

Liverpool being linked to Bellingham, Henderson seems to have made Henderson an exception from his own rule. It could be for a good reason.

Henderson could have been given the task of convincing Bellingham to choose Anfield over Dortmund as his Premier League destination. He may have even been assigned to conduct a charm offensive under Klopp. It is clear that Henderson admires Bellingham and has taken great pleasure in taking the young midfielder under his wings.

Southgate earlier this week admitted that Bellingham may be wise to take the next step and aim for greater goals in the Premier League. Although Henderson’s advice to his England counterpart was not as obvious, his revering remarks suggest that he would be an asset at Anfield.

Bellingham, with James Milner and Thiago all aged over 30 and questions remaining about Naby Keita, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Henderson, who are soon entering their final years of their respective contracts respectively, would bring some much-needed youth and dynamism to Klopp’s midfield.

Bellingham’s array of talents, even at 18 years old would be a good investment. Henderson seems to have already earmarked Bellingham as a future Premier League Captain, and his obvious grooming has already started.

“He’s got leadership qualities for sure but there’s no need to put that pressure on him right now,”He added. “Let him grow into the person that he can be on his own.

“He’s got his feet firmly on the ground [and]He is a mature young player. I know in my own mind that he’s going to be a top player.”

Bellingham is destined for a Premier League return, of that there can be little doubt. It appears Liverpool’s secret weapon Henderson is doing his utmost to ensure it is Anfield where the midfielder ends up.

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