Kody Brown Drama: Alum of ‘Sister Wives” Marries a Couple


Recent news from Sister Wives has been full of drama and emotions. But, there is a new development that brings some happiness to the family. According to InTouch WeeklyLogan Brown, a Sister Wives alum and engaged to Michelle Petty for five years. The couple got married on Saturday 22 October.

Janelle Brown, Logan’s mother and former sister Christine were also present at the event. “Such a beautiful day,”She continued.

(Photo: Janelle Brown)

Logan Brown is the son Janelle and Kody Brown. However, his father wasn’t present at the wedding. Petty proposed to Logan Brown in September 2017.

“Unfortunately, nothing in my elaborate plan had successfully gone through,”Logan Brown shared his thoughts with TLC at that time. “So, in desperation, I found the prettiest view of the Colorado River, Congress Bridge. We walked out to the middle of the bridge and then I popped the question!”

The couple wanted to complete their Master’s degrees. This was one reason for the delay in the engagement and wedding. They also wanted to save money for their wedding.

“We are so happy that Logan and Michelle are engaged,”Janelle and Kody brown wrote at the time. “We have become quite attached to Michelle, and we are so thrilled that they have taken this next step. We wish them so much joy and look forward to what comes next.”

Logan Brown’s final TV appearance was on Sister Wives back on 2014, when he moved on to earn his degree as a Kinesiologist at the University of Nevada. He also received his master’s of Business Administration from UNLV.

The young couple deserves our congratulations. This is a good news story for the whole family, especially with all the changes and problems in their relationships.

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