Kris Jenner Allegedly ‘Grooming Pete Davidson before Kim Kardashian Wedding, SketchySource Says


It is Kris JennerTrying to take control Pete DavidsonHis romance with Kim Kardashian? According to one tabloid Jenner is taking the comedian under its wing. Let’s take a closer look at this rumor.

Kris Jenner ‘Grooming’Pete Davidson?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Pete Davidson may become part of the Kardashian clan very soon—in more ways than one. Kim Kardashian and Davidson are apparently talking marriage, and Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner is reportedly scrambling to keep Davidson “under her thumb.”

According to sources, “momager” is scheming to rope Davidson into a contract to star in the family’s reality show. “If all goes well, Kim and Pete will be engaged very soon, but not before he signs off on a document that’s essentially handing Kris and Kim control of his life for the foreseeable future,”An insider’s guide to cooking.

Now, Davidson is “getting a full-dress rehearsal”Jenner’s future as reality TV star: The tipter tells. “Pete’s learning how he needs to carry himself, the do’s and don’ts of fashion, managing his social media, and, of course, how to milk those New York connections that made him such a big draw in the first place.”

The source notes that Davidson is a reality TV natural, and he’s handling the pressure better than most of the Kardashian sisters’ beaus. “He’s a breath of fresh air compared to confrontational Kanye West and other guys who have come and gone because they couldn’t handle the intensity,”The snitch whispers. “He’ll have lots to contribute. Kris sees marvelous potential.”

Kris ‘Practically Drooling Over’Pete Davidson?

We aren’t buying this story. First of all, it’s just offensive to suggest Kris Jenner is controlling her children’s lives and partners. From what we can tell, she’s never tried to force any of her daughters’ boyfriends into personally restrictive contracts, and we seriously doubt she would have much success doing it with Pete Davidson.

And contrary to the tabloid’s claims, Davidson most likely won’t be appearing on this season of The Kardashians. Shortly before the show’s premiere, Kim Kardashian said that while she wouldn’t be opposed to filming with Davidson, “It’s just not what he does.”

Davidson’s career is at an all-time high right now. He continues to get starring roles for major films and is still in a stable position. Saturday Night LiveIt is still a very popular stand-up comic. DeadlineHe just announced that has a semi-autobiographical TV showIn the works. Davidson clearly isn’t in need of a job, so we doubt he would cut into his own professional life to star in The Kardashians.

The Tabloid on The Kardashians

We know better than not to trust the National Enquirer Anywhere the Kardashian family is involved. The outlet reported that Jenner had actually been urging Kim Kardashian not to divorce Kanye West. The magazine then claimed that Kardashian was calling West out for being too sexist. “bad in bed.” Then the publication alleged Jenner was bragging to West about Kardashian’s relationship with Davidson. The magazine also reported Kardashian had sex with Davidson from another woman. It is clear that the magazine was wrong. Inquire isn’t a reliable source when it comes to Kim Kardashian or her family.