Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard Struggling To Get Marriage Back On Track?


Are you Kristen BellAnd Dax ShepardAre they desperate to save their marriages? One tabloid reports that Bell and Shepard are currently in couples counseling. Let’s check in on the Hit and Run Co-stars

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard go to therapy?

The most recent edition National Enquirer Kristen Bell and Dax Shipard are reporting that things have become difficult. The Veronica Mars Recently, actress confessed that she seeks therapy when things get too stressful with her husband. “We try to be very honest about [the fact] that we disagree a lot, but go to therapy when we need it,”Bell said. And everyone knows their relationship hasn’t been a walk in the park given Shepard’s struggle with addiction.

The Chips Actor once admitted to using “cocaine, opiates, marijuana, diet pills, pain pills, everything.”Last year, the actor admitted to having fallen off the wagon during quarantine. “Kristen was furious with Dax after all she’d done to help him get and stay clean,”Insider secrets. Both aren’t ready to give in. Sources report that they were willing to co-host Family Game FightThey did this in an attempt to save their marriage. “Dax and Kristen are working together to put their relationship back on track,”The tipper insists.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd Putting in The Work

Bell and Shepard’s marriage isn’t off track. First of all, it’s true that Bell and Shepard admitted to seeking therapy at the start of the pandemic. That being said, they haven’t indicated that things have somehow gotten troublesome. More importantly, that’s evidence that they’re mature enough to recognize that they need help and are seeking it before things get too bad. There is absolutely no shame in couples’ counseling, and it doesn’t mean your relationship is failing.

Furthermore, it’s totally misleading to suggest Kristen Bell was anything other than supportive of her husband when he fell off the wagon. Based on their own accounts Bell was always available to assistHe was there for him every step of the way. It’s shameful to take Bell and Shepard’s openness about their marriage and use it to cast doubt on their devotion to each other.

Bell once said that she and Shepard are so candid about their struggles because Shepard doesn’t “want any young person feeling like there’s a fantasy out there that they just have to find the right person. That’s not how humans work. People change. People grow.” And if Bell’s Instagram “photo dump”If the recent race day is any indication Bell and Shepard are doing great.

The Tabloid on Struggling Marriages

But this isn’t the first time the National Enquirer The tabloid claimed that a couple was having difficulties when in fact they were doing fine. Back in August the tabloid claimed Bell and Shepard’s marriage was “make-or-break.”The outlet then reported that Carrie Underwood tried to save her marriage by moving to Las Vegas. The magazine even alleged Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage was in trouble. The magazine clearly stated that the Get in touch isn’t reliable when it comes to celebrity marriages.

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