Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard’s Most Hilariously Honest anecdotes


After first meeting in 2007 and almost 10 years together as a married couple, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have racked up some pretty amazing stories by each other’s sides. Bell, 41 and Shepard 46, don’t hesitate to share their stories about love, parenting, and other adventures that they have shared together. The result is some shockingly honest anecdotes.

Continue on to read some of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s most candid stories together — whether funny, disturbing or simply honest.

The kids came in and inspected them.

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While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel LiveShepard uncovered a story Bell had previously shared about their daughters Delta (4 years) and Lincoln (5 years old), who walked on them during sex.

“OK, they didn’t walk in while I was, like, pounding Mom,”Shepard explained all to the laughter studio audience. “We put on the TV in the living room — we’re bad parents — and then we stole away for a minute, afternoon delight, but we were just under the sheets and they walked in. It was more just explaining why we’re taking, like, a nap in the afternoon while they were loose.”

He also explained that it wasn’t “full coitus interruptus”But he said that “Suffice it to say, I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed at that moment. That would’ve been a strange nap I was taking.”

Bell had previously shared the story. The Talk. “We didn’t, like, continue,”She said. “We sort of just went like, ‘Hey, what’s up? What do you need? What do you need?’ … And then we just said, ‘Mommy and Daddy are just going to take a nap for a couple more minutes.'”


After a stupid fight, they nearly split.

The couple had an argument that was so intense that they almost ended up splitting up. Bell related the story to Jimmy Kimmel that they had a rough relationship. Shepard and Bell rode on a motorcycle from New York City up to Detroit to visit their parents. After hours of arguing, the music selection caused them to become furious. Bell surprised Shepard by making a sudden switch when she was in a gas station. They had previously agreed that the music would change after each couple of states.

“Well he was not happy because I didn’t ask, we didn’t discuss it and we’re both control freaks. That fight got bigger and bigger as we’re on the road which morphed into a fight about helmet laws because Dax Shepard believes that if he’s in a state that does not have a helmet law, he should be observing the local culture and not wear his helmet,”She said.

“And I was like, ‘Excuse me, no you have to wear a helmet,'”She continued. “So this morphs into an even bigger fight and we end up compromising to where if he was on the highway he had to wear the helmet and if he was on side streets he didn’t have to wear the helmet.”

That certain agreement led to her future husband taking side streets instead of the highway for roughly four hours — a development that surely could not have gone over well — and then it began to rain.

“You have to wear [the helmet] if it’s raining, period,”Bell explained to Bell. “He was not happy. I think from all of Ohio to up through Michigan we were fighting so bad we both lost our voices because we were both screaming at each other on the motorcycle. I refused to hold onto him, so I held onto the back of the motorcycle like a boss.”

“I was like, ‘I’m not touching you right now,’ “She added.

Bell’s mom was there to greet them when they arrived in Detroit. Alf. “Because that was our favorite show,”Bell stated.

“Dax describes that moment as ‘I had an out-of-body experience. Because I hate this girl I’m sitting next to, we’re about to break up, I think her mom is crazy and all of a sudden I watching Alf.'” Bell explained. “He was fully outside his own body and we got through two or three (episodes) before he politely excused himself to visit his dad.”

“But we continued dating, Jimmy,”She added. “And that’s the moral of the story.”


The time Bell ‘nursed’Shepard holding her breast

Parenting brings many couples together in ways previously unimaginable — like the time Bell had Shepard nurse from her breast for a legitimate health reason. An episode of her Web Series MomsplainingBell shared with Bell that Shepard had to “nurse”Her when she was at highest risk for mastitis. This is a painful, infected condition of the breast tissue that can result from a blocked milk tube.

Bell explained that it was because one of her daughters stopped breastfeeding. “I was in Atlanta. We couldn’t call a doctor, and this was right after the baby stopped nursing. So I said to my husband, ‘I really need you to suck this out. We could talk about it, we could be weird about it, or you could just go ahead and nurse.”

So he agreed.

“He pulled it out. He had a cup next to him. He was pulling out and spitting into this cup, and I’ve never been more in love in my life,”She said.


Shepard stated that he was totally cool with Bell making more money than him.

Shepard told Conan O’Brien during an Appearance on his Late-Night Show that he’s happy for his wife’s success in Hollywood — mostly because it’s worked out well for him, since they never signed a prenuptial agreement.

“When we first started dating, I had more money than her and I owned the house that I lived in,”O’Brien was told by Shepard. “And she said to me at one point, ‘Would you like a prenup?’ I said, ‘No, I don’t want a prenup,’ but I really wanted a prenup, really bad.”

“The joke is on her,”Shepard said, “Because she has been more successful than me” and “has more money than me”. Bell is now a star in several megahit movies, including FrozenAnd Bad Moms.


They are open to the idea of couples therapy.

The two have been very open about the fact that they’ve attended couples therapy for years — even before they got married in 2013.

Shepard shared the following: Good HousekeepingBell and he fell in love despite the misgivings they had about each other.

“There were hurdles, things she didn’t trust about me, things I didn’t trust about her,”He stated. “I just kept going back to ‘This person has the thing I want, and I have to figure out how we can exist peacefully.’ So we started [seeing a therapist together] right away.”

“Therapy is not something to be embarrassed about,”Bell stated that they had started therapy immediately instead of waiting for things go south and taking the chance it would not be too late to save their marriage. “In my previous relationship, we went to couples therapy at the end, and that’s often too late,”Shepard agreed.


Shepard said that they don’t believe in ‘the one’

Shepard continued to tell the truth about their relationship in keeping with the brutally honest theme. Us WeeklyThat “We don’t believe in ‘the one’. We don’t believe in the fairytale. We are opposites and it has taken a tremendous amount of work and therapy for us to coexist.”

He insists on the fact that they are very in love with each other, but their marriage is their greatest joy. “labor intensive”They have overcome many hurdles like an early breakup. “toxic”Behavior


The time they fought for a La-Z-Boy seat

Shepard spoke to Ellen DeGeneres On her talk show eponymousHe brought home a La-Z-Boy armchair that he thought was supposed to go in Bell’s office in 2017.

“I’m winning the battle. I certainly won’t win the war,”He said this before praising his new favorite chair which is located in the middle of the room, in front of a huge projector screen.

“What’s funny is that if she’d just embrace the chair for a couple months, I’d be too weak to fight back,”He said that the chair is so comfy that his muscles ache after a while.

DeGeneres asked Shepard to tell DeGeneres where Bell sits, and if the chair is in the middle of the space in front of their regular sofa.

“It’s just bad feng shui. It’s right in the middle of the room in front of an L-shaped sofa,”DeGeneres argued.

“I’m function over feng shui,”Shepard laughed, finally admitting that he knew he was. “in the minority”Many people think that a La-Z-Boy Chair in the middle the living room is a great idea.


Their daughter repeated the F word multiple times.

In Another storyShepard shared this with DeGeneres. Shepard stated that she accidentally said it after having to say it. “motherf—er”Lincoln took up the habit in front of Delta and Lincoln, much to Bell and his horror.

After explaining to him that he accidentally hit his nose on the bookshelf while reading a goodnight book, he replied, “I let a couple motherf—ers rip.”

“Wham! Straight into the bridge of my nose. Hardest I’ve ever been hit. I almost blacked out,”He stated.

Kristen is walking down the hall while Lincon is in her bedroom trying to take her sweatshirt off. Her arms are bound up and she’s becoming frustrated. And she goes, ‘Ow, f—!'”

They decided to pretend that it hadn’t happened out of concern that she would repeat it over and again if they didn’t tell her.

“About five hours later, we’re about a pool party… She’s in the pool, she goes, ‘This pool’s f—ing warm,”Shepard replied to the laughter crowd.

“You’re good parents, it seems,” DeGeneres joked.