Kristin Davis to SATC Fans: We’d “Never Disrespect Samantha”


In a recent cover story for Vogue, Parker spoke about the “misogynist chatter” she and her co-stars have faced that “would never. Happen. About. A. Man.”  

“‘Gray hair gray hair gray hair. Does she have gray hair?'” Parker said about the comments. “I’m sitting with Andy Cohen and he has a full head of gray hair, and he’s exquisite. Why is it okay for him? I don’t know what to tell you people! Especially on social media. Everyone has something to say. ‘She has too many wrinkles, she doesn’t have enough wrinkles.’ It almost feels as if people don’t want us to be perfectly okay with where we are, as if they almost enjoy us being pained by who we are today, whether we choose to age naturally and not look perfect, or whether you do something if that makes you feel better. I know what I look like. I have no choice. What am I going to do about it? Stop aging? Disappear?”

Davis said on Today she and her castmates “did see it coming.” 

“Though I have to say it still hurts sometimes….Sarah and I are currently in a media blackout. Cynthia is tougher and she is not. So we’re like, ‘You tell us later, OK?'” she said. “You know we had paparazzi with us all day long. And we kept thinking, ‘Why aren’t they going? They’ve got the shot.’ And I think, no offense you guys don’t be mad at me, but they were waiting for a bad shot. You know what I mean? So, like, 12 hours of paparazzi for a bad shot so they could say that we look bad, it’s frustrating.”