Kylie Jenner is a snob in all things mesh, but she prefers a bag of Onions to her outfit.


Kylie JennerRecently,, the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister, uploaded a photo in which she was wearing a pink mesh jumpsuit. It hugged her entire body as if it were second skin. The look was loved by most, but some of her followers compared it with a piece from the grocery store.

Why Kylie Jenner’s Drawing Onion Comparisons

After the birth of her second son, which she named Wolf at first, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott switched their minds. Since then, Kylie Jenner has been promoting her brands in overdrive. Jenner took time out of her busy schedule to attend a fashion shoot. She wore a pink mesh jumpsuit.A pair of thigh-high boots. 

The skin tight look made Jenner look stunning, but soon some of her fans started making jokes and comparing Jenner with items that are often found in grocery stores’ produce section. One follower wrote: “It’s giving those tangerine cuties in the little net bag it comes in,”While another soon joined the fray, “Doesn’t she look like a bag of oranges picked up from the supermarket.” 

Supermarket Chic

It wasn’t just citrus fruit that Jenner got compared to. Another person said, “Apples at our market place wears similar dress.”The onion jokes were created when the fruit jokes ran out. “The onion in the bag looking at me,” one Instagram user quipped. An Instagram user from Germany made a comment, which we translated. “Why are you wearing the packaging of my onions?” 

Take a look at the complete outfit

Regardless of the jokes at Jenner’s expense, we can admit that The reality star looks Beautiful, but still able to have a good laugh about being compared with an onion in a bag.