L.Q. L.Q. Jones, Veteran ‘Casino’ and ‘Lone Wolf McQuade’ Actor, Dies at 94


L.Q. Jones, an actor playing a variety of characters, was a veteran who appeared in Casino and other movies. At 94, he died. The actor Over seventy years, he has maintained a career as a television and film producerLater, he began to dabble in behind-the scenes work. Jones’ grandson, Erté deGarces, confirmed the actor’s passing and noted he passed surrounded by family at his home in the Hollywood Hills.

Born Justice Ellis McQueen, August 1927, Beaumont, Texas. His first film role was in 1955. Battle CryRaoul Walsh. His last screen appearance was with Raoul Walsh in 2006. A Prarie Home CompanionThis was also Robert Altman’s last film.

Jones worked with Many of the greatest names in film are represented hereDuring his career, he appeared in Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch and Major Dundee, Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid, and Pat Garrett?, andTake a ride in the High Country. Later, he would work in a smaller but crucial role with Martin Scorsese. CasinoRobert DeNiro, in the opposite.

He was also a prominent presence on television, making an impact with westerns such as “The West” Gunsmoke: The Virginian, Rawhide and The Rifleman?, and The Big Valley. He even attempted his hand at producing and directing an episode of The Incredible HulkMost importantly, you can direct. A Boy and His DogIn 1975. This adaptation of Harlan Ellison’s classic postapocalyptic story follows a teenager with his psychic dog who tries to survive in the wasteland.

Although it was not a commercial success at the time, it has become a cult film and has influenced all aspects of post-apocalyptic literature. It Ellison was even happy with the releaseJones confirms this in the DVD commentary. However, Jones noted that the controversial sci-fi icon was not happy with the ending change. They were still discussing a possible sequel at one time, which was published in a limited edition hardcover that included the original story as well as two stories from the 70s or 80s.

It’s just one interesting fact in the life story of a man many would call a western star or celluloid cowboy. None of this covers the life he led before he reached Hollywood. He performed as a standup comedian and played baseball and football professionally. Finally, he tried to be a rancher for Nicaragua. Rest in peace.