LA Legend Angelyne is Not Happy about the New Series Featuring Her Life


Emmy Rossum, an actress, makes a remarkable transformation into Angelyne, a Los Angeles legend, for the new limited series.

Rossum is known for Showtime “Shameless,”The makeup chair took seven hours to complete and the prosthetic breasts weighed three pounds for the show.

Angelyne was Angelyne before Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian. She was a pioneer in self-promotion, and she was well-known for being famous. Angelyne flung her image onto billboards and cruised Sunset Boulevard in her pink bubble-gum Corvette.

One question has remained over the years: Who is Angelyne real?

Inside Edition met her at Sunset Boulevard. Now reportedly 71, she’s still driving the same Corvette and exits her car with her signature leg kick and does what she does best — attract attention.

Jim Moret, Inside Edition chief reporter, saw her selling T-shirts featuring her image from the back of her car.

Angelyne, however, says that she isn’t happy with the miniseries which started streaming on Thursday on Peacock.

“I had a little glimpse of it, and I refuse to watch it. It doesn’t do me justice. Would you be flattered if someone played you and misrepresented you?”Angelyne stated.

The show is based on an article in the Hollywood Reporter, which shows a high school yearbook photo, purportedly of Angelyne, and declares she was born in Poland in 1950 to Holocaust survivors.

Angelyne said that the photo was not of her.

Inside Edition tried to get more information, but she threatened to end their interview.

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