Labradoodle Comes To Her Owners Rescue From ‘Dangerous’ Windscreen Wiper


Jude, a labradoodle from North Carolina, certainly showed the wipers who was boss in the viral TikTok video

From patrolling the garden to making sure the postman knows which pup isn’t to be messed with – dogs can be fiercely protective of their home and their owners.

But one labradoodle has become a social media sensation after taking his job as his owner’s bodyguard a step further.

Jude, a labradoodle from North Carolina, has ‘saved’ his owners from an attack – by scary car windscreen wipers, The Silver Screen Beat reports.

In a TikTok video which has been viewed over 243,000 times, Jude bravely leaps from the back seat of the car to the front in a bid to defend his owner from the moving car part.

Posted to the @thismudderfluffer account, the overlaying text read: “Get yourself a dog who will protect you from windshield wipers,” complete with the hashtag #adogspurpose.

Jude, wearing a printed bandanna, lunges at the sweeping wipers in a bid to ‘catch’ them through the glass, pawing at the dashboard in a frantic attempt to prevent his owner from coming to any harm.

Viewers have praised the pup’s fast reaction to the perceived danger, and his loyalty to his mum. One said: “Dang Jude, that was quick! Cat-like reflexes.”

Another added: “Don’t worry, they [windshield wipers] won’t get you, he’s made dang sure. That baby just saved your life,” a third wrote.

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Labradoodles are a cross between a Labrador and a poodle, introduced by an Australian breeder in 1988. They soon gained popularity for their gentle nature and joyful personalities which combine the traits of both parents, which both have a strong work ethic.

They’re said to be smart and sociable dogs, who are affectionate with adults and children and are always ready to play.

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