Lacey, a star of “My 600-lb life”, gets into a shouting match with her boyfriend’s sister in this sneak peek


In Wednesday’s new episode of The Bachelorette, tensions run high between Lacey’s boyfriend Sharon and Lacey’s sister Sharon. My 600-lb Lifestyle As they travel to Dr. Nowzaradan’s clinic to have Lacey undergo weight loss surgery. Two days before Lacey’s procedure, everyone is in extreme pain from exhaustion, car troubles, and physical pain. has a sneak peak of the TLC program. Sharon’s complaints about the short order of chili puts everyone on edge. 

“I’m really, really missing chili with a lot of onions,”Lacey notes insolently as Sharon complains. “I’ve loved chili since I was little.”Sharon, who doubts Lacey’s commitment for weight loss surgery, snaps back. “Yeah, but what are you gonna tell this doctor man? What if this doctor says, ‘You know what, I’m not f-king around, you’re f-king not taking this s- serious’ What happens after that? Have you ever thought about that s-?” 

Lacey says she “already talked about it”Sharon wasn’t satisfied with her quick answer. “What the f- is wrong with you?”She asks Lacey if she can be there. “so ugly,”Her looks are not the only thing that matters, but her personality. “It’s just ugly sometimes. I don’t get you,”She continues. Lacey simply replies, “No comment,”Sharon doesn’t want to take a moment for herself.

“Man, grow the f-k up. You 36 years old and you f-king just crazy,”Lacey responds by shouting back. “Sharon, can you grow up and stop picking on me? Stop picking on me all the time!”Sharon replies, “I am f-king very grown. I ain’t picking on you, you’re picking on me.”

Sharon accuses Lacey, who she denies answering her questions, of going back and forth between them “real questions”Her brother will be helping her recover. “I am so tired, Sharon,”Lacey replies. Sharon raises her voice, “You’re tired?! All you do is sit there! I’ve been doing all the work! You ain’t done s– besides eat and cry, eat and cry, eat and cry!”Threatening to take her home and drop her off “and not give two f-ks,”Sharon exits the drive-thru while she warns Lacey to not cry. “I’m not gonna f-king deal with you much longer!”She finishes. My 600-lb LifeAirs Wednesdays at 8 PM. ET on TLC

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