Lake Mead’s Plummeting Water Levels Have More Human Remnants


Authorities reported that there were more human remains found in Lake Mead which is currently in severe drought. They discovered a corpse in an uncorroded barrel a few days ago.

National Park rangers responded to callers Saturday, saying they discovered skeletal remains in Callville Bay.

According to the statement by Nevada’s Clark County Medical Examiner, they are working to determine cause of death. There was no other information.

May 1 saw boaters who had been cruising the country’s largest artificial reservoir find a decayed barrel in the water. The body was found inside.

According to authorities, it belonged a man who was killed in the early 1970s or early 1980s.

The clothes and shoes found on the body date to that time, Las Vegas Homicide Lt. Ray Spencer told The Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He claimed that the shoes were purchased at Kmart by investigators.

The extreme drought and climate change have caused water levels in Lake Mead to drop dramatically. Arizona and Nevada are the two main water sources.

Authorities say they expect more bodies to be found in Lake Mead. This is a favorite dumping ground for Las Vegas-area mobsters.

The man-made reservoir’s water level has dropped some 160 feet since 2000. The lake is at its lowest level since being filled in 1935.

“We don’t have enough water supplies right now to meet normal demand. The water is not there,” Metropolitan Water District of Southern California spokesperson Rebecca Kimitch said recently. The agency told about 6 million customers in sprawling Los Angeles, Ventura and San Bernardino counties to contain outdoor watering to one day a week, effective June 1, or face stiff fines.


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