Lakeith Stanfield and Xosha Rodemore a part of a split?


You are an actor. Lakeith StanfieldHe is most well-known for his role as Darius Epps in the FX series. Atlanta. He’s also appeared in a slew of feature films, includingPlease, get out!. Uncut Gems Judas and the Black Messiah. Hollywood romance: The celebrity of 30 years has been linked to The Mindy Project actress Xosha RoquemoreFor a long time. Because both stars prefer to keep their private lives private, little is known about their current relationship. Is Roquemore still Lakeith Stanfield’s girlfriend? Here’s a look at what we know.

Lakeith Stanfield & Xosha Roquemore First Linked in 2015.

They made their debut together on the red carpet at 2015 Los Angeles premiere. Straight Outta Compton,Stanfield played the role of Snoop Dogg in this film. The couple have been seen together at many high-profile events including the 2016 Sundance Film Festival as well as the 2018 Primetime Emmy Awards. Stanfield and Roquemore, aside from appearing at a few of the public photo ops mentioned above, have kept their romance private.

They share a daughter

Back in March of 2017, Roquemore announced via Instagram (in a post that she’s since deleted) that she was pregnant with her first child. According to PeopleThe young actress shared a few photos of her baby bump with the caption: “I am WOMBMAN. #internationalwomensday.”

Roquemore was born in June that year. She shared a photo of her newborn (She quickly got it downTwitter: ) along with the caption “Mom.”Stanfield and Roquemore never shared photos of their child. However, Stanfield and Roquemore have shared photos of their child. Atlanta Actor did admit that becoming a father changed his life. “Everything is brand new,” In a 2017 interview, he shared his thoughts. Good Morning America. “I’m paying attention to patterns in the leaves. The things I didn’t think about before, now I can feel ‘em. It’s great.”

They keep their relationship private

Stanfield and Roquemore were more cautious about their relationship after the birth of their baby. There are no pictures of the pair on either of their social media feeds—in fact, Standfield says he tries to stay away from social platforms (currently, his Instagram page only features one posted photo). “You got to understand social media is a powerful thing,”The actor spoke out in an interview with Slate in 2021. “I think you just got to use it in the right way and not let it use you. And oftentimes the right way is not to be on it at all, because honestly, there are cooler things, like leaves and plants and stuff.”

Standfield refuses to speak to the press about his personal life, despite being careful with social media. Interview with a 2017 candidate Vulture.He replied, for instance. “I don’t talk about it”When asked about his relationship to Roquemore, he declined to answer. More recently, in 2020, he declined to share his daughter’s name during an interview with The Hollywood ReporterAnd once more, he replied. “I don’t really talk about her a lot”Roquemore was the topic of question.

Rumours of a split are still unconfirmed

Many people wonder if Stanfield or Roquemore are still together because so little is known about their relationship. Their last appearance together on the red carpet was in September 2019, when they attended the Los Angeles premiere. Joker

Standfield caused a stir in March 2020 when he asked Ari Lennox out on an intimate date during one her Instagram Lives. He shared another (after he shot his shot) a few months later.Now removed) pic of the singer on Instagram, along with the caption “js”(Just saying).

Many fans believed that Stanfield had left Roquemore at this point. Their belief was strengthened by the 2021 Academy Awards when Stanfield, who was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for the role he played in the film) was recognized. Judas and the Black MessiahRoquemore was absent from the April 2021 ceremony. Roquemore was Tweeted congrats to her baby daddy for his nomination, the fact that she wasn’t by his side for this big night raised many red flags.

Roquemore spoke at the same moment about being a mom Interview with 21 NinetyStanfield was raising their daughter together, which made it seem as if she and Stanfield were separating. “My daughter’s father just has so much going on,”When asked specifically about co-parenting, she replied. “So, he’s out of town a lot, and even when he is here, he’s slammed busy. I take on a lot of the weight, but he’s extremely helpful when he is here. But when he’s not here, I have to hold it down, you know? I know that when the tide shifts, because we’re only three years into this co-parenting thing, and I’m busy or have a lot going on; he’ll hold me down too.”

Roquemore could interpret the quote to indicate that Roquemore and Roquemore are no longer romantically in touch, but she does not directly say so. And as we’ve come to expect from this very private pair, neither have publicly confirmed the status of their relationship. We’re not going to hold our breath hoping for an answer.  

In the meantime, fans who are rooting for the couple cling to the suggestive caption Roquemore used when she posted a pic of Stanfield’s sexy look at the 2021 Academy Awards. Is that the caption? “This how I ended up pregnant.”

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