Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Ranked as the Best Place to Retire in America


According to U.S. News and World Report’s new ranking, Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the best place to retire in America. CBS News.

CBS News reported that the publication voted the city in Keystone State No.1 for its high quality senior care, low retiree taxes, and overall happiness.

Last year, it was ranked as the fifth best place for retirees.

Lancaster is generally known for its farms, Amish communities, Franklin & Marshall College, and breweries.

Florida is the most populous state, with cities like Miami and Orlando being the most prominent. However, Pennsylvania now holds five of the top 10 spots. Last year the Sunshine State had eight cities in the list but now only has three.

CBS News reports that Pennsylvania is moving towards Pennsylvania because Americans are increasingly putting housing affordability first in their golden years. This makes it the most weighted retirement category. Housing is the largest expense for most retirees.

U.S. News and World Report researchers evaluated the top 150 metropolitan areas of the country and gave them scores based upon a weighted average score across six categories.
•    Housing affordability (24%)
•    Resident happiness (22%)
•    Health care quality (16%)
•    Retiree tax rates (16%)
•    Desirability (13%)
•    Job opportunities (9%)

Here is the full top 10 places to retire in America, according to U.S. News and World Report.
1.    Lancaster, PA
2.    Harrisburg, PA
3.    Pensacola FL
4.    Tampa, FL
5.    York, PA
6.    Naples, FL
7.    Daytona Beach, FL
8.    Ann Arbor, MI
9.    Allentown, PA
10.  Reading, PA


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