LAPD Arrests Two Teens for Overdosing 2 High School Girls


Los Angeles police have arrested two students from California in connection to the overdose that left one girl dead and the other in serious condition.

According to a LAPD report, LAPD dispatched LAPD to Bernstein High School in Hollywood on Sept. 13, to investigate an overdose. Press release. Police said that one victim died on the spot and another was taken to the hospital by the LA Fire Department.

Reports suggest that victims believed they bought Percocet, which may have contained fentanyl.

The Los Angeles County Coroner identified the student who died as 15-year-old Melanie Ramos, According to USA Today.

Police announce at a Press conferenceOne suspect, 15 years old, was arrested in the early hours of Sept. 15, after which they found the pills. He is now being charged with manslaughter. 

According to police, the second arrest involved a 15-year old who was suspected of selling drugs in a nearby forest. He will be charged with the sale narcotics. 

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also spoke at the press conference, sending a message to drug dealers telling them they’re coming for them.

“This was not an overdose. This was murder. And my heart breaks with the families and children affected by this growing evil. We will not rest until justice is served,”The mayor said so. 

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