Las Vegas Woman Records Outburst on Delta Flight Tells inside Edition She ‘Lost control’


Anna Dugan, who admitted to losing her patience during a flight after an incident that was caught on camera, is now speaking exclusively to Inside Edition.  

“I am not sitting here because I did something I am proud of,”Dugan, 32, spoke to Inside Edition. 

Dugan was flying Delta from Atlanta to New York, Oct. 12, when she was caught on camera yelling at cabin crew members after being asked to transport her dog Sam. After she said she had done so, Dugan called the flight attendant petty.  

“After I said that they were petty… they got on the intercom, and they said they were turning the plane around,”She said. “He said you need to grab your things and get off the plane and I was like what?” 

All hell broke loose at that point. 

“Because you couldn’t let my dog sit on my f*****g lap?”Dugan yelled, the incident was captured on video. “Ma’am, let’s go,”A flight attendant responded.  

The passenger shouted at the driver. “get off the plane.”The Las Vegas bartender responded by shouting obscenities at the other passenger and throwing a glass at him.  

“I lost control, it felt that way,”She said. “I mean, I don’t feel good for getting upset like that in front of those people…but I will say that it was not helping that people were putting phones in my face and shouting absurd things to me until I got to the point that I gave them a reaction.” 

Dugan quit the plan and smacked the telephone of a man who was trying to record it.  

She said that she didn’t think she’d ever be in a video about a passenger on an airline misbehaving. “No, I promise I am a very calm person … usually. But I obviously can get angry.” 

Dugan was not charged or arrested in connection with the incident. However, she chose to end her trip there. Dugan opted to fly to New York instead and boarded a plane on another airline to return from Las Vegas.  

Dugan is not convinced that the video will make her a better person. “If someone meets me and they automatically think that I am a certain way based off of a video, then that’s on them and they are not supposed to be in my life, but other people will meet me and say you are a sweet girl who just lost her s*** one day,”She said.  

Delta stated in a statement that it has zero tolerance for such behavior. Dugan stated that she anticipates being banned from future flights.

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