Laser hair removal has left a woman’scarred’. She says she is ‘fearing for her vagina’s future’


A woman has described the extreme pain she felt during a session of laser hair removal on an intimate area – saying she is “fearing for my vagina’s life”.

DJ Annabel is based in London @annabelstopit“She was,” she said. “traumatised”The experience was such a memorable one that she created a TikTok clip about it. She walked home from the procedure and explained what had happened.

She says in the video: “I am utterly traumatised by the experience I just had at the laser hair removal clinic. I am fearing for my vagina’s life.

“The second she starts, I jolt and I’m like, ‘That is way more painful than usual’.

Annabel says she felt like she had 'gone to hell'
Annabel claims she felt like she’d ‘gone to hell’

“She just stands there and she’s like, ‘Well, it’s the same settings as last time, can you open your legs please?'”

Annabel claimed that her beautician was her. “proceeded to pin me down”While she was lying on her back, she completed the laser session. “jolting around in pain”.

She continues: “And, in the end, she was like, ‘Was that ok?’ And I’m like, ‘Are you having a f***ing laugh? Were we in the same room?'”

“I think I just died and went to hell,”She ends her sentence bluntly.

The video clip was viewed over 17,000 times on the video sharing app. Many people shared their horror stories about going to the beauty salon and were sympathetic to her condition.

One viewer said: “I have a freckle down there and I swear one day I thought it had been burned off.”

Annabel tells the story as she walks home
Annabel tells Annabel the story while she walks home

Another woman shared this: “Omg this!! luckily I found a therapist who is super patient with me’ deffo try someone else out they can take breaks and lower the setting as well.”

“I hope you’re OK,”Annabel responded: “I was so worried I might scar but it’s okay thankfully.”

Annabel was a bit surprised at the amount of attention her post received on social media. She joked about it in the TikTok caption. “Was nervous to put out my first storytime but Instagram seemed to enjoy this one.”

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