Lash technician shares the glam results of her client – but people fear that she is about to take flight’


A lash technician shared a clip of her client with whom she had just finished a set of eye-catching new lashes. However, not everyone is a fan. Some have compared them to’mops’ and ‘caterpillars’

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Lash technician shares client’s amazing result

You can treat yourself to full-length lash extensions. It’s a fun way to add to your monthly pampering ritual.

People were shocked by one woman’s “lash day”, and they couldn’t help but be astonished by its length.

Numerous people were so shocked by the dramatic set of lashes, they feared the woman might ‘fly away’ from the salon. With the feathery lashes, it was like a pair powerful wings.

As previously reported by the Silver Screen Beats , Other astonished beauty lovers have compared them to spiders, caterpillars, and Tom Selleck’s moustache.

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TikTok by Luxe Lash, a beauty company based in Dublin, Ireland shared footage of the final treatment. @luxuryxlash.

There were four videos shared. One captioned: “Who loves their lashes too much?” One shared them as being ‘big and bold.

The clips show a close-up shot of an unidentified woman’s eyes. Her enormous eyelashes dance as she blinks, fluttering dramatically.

It isn’t clear how long the bountiful, luscious lashes actually last. A handy sizing chart was shared in the follow-up clip. It shows that Luxury Lash customers can choose sets up to 16mm long.

Many followers were unable to believe their eyes. One person commented: “I can’t believe someone would want these. You would bloody fly away”.

Another one: “I bet she feels like she’s constantly in the shade”.

The third one shivered. “They are pushing her eyelids down so much that she has to blink every second”While a fourth was questioned, “So where’s the eye? And when do we get to see it?”

For those who believe that more is better, this set is an absolute masterpiece.

One admirer exclaimed that they were “so beautiful”, while another called them their ‘inspiration’.

The MirrorLuxury Lash was contacted for comment.

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