Latest Episode’s Punishment Shows Why One Houseguest is a Fan Favorite


Celebrity Big Brother viewers got to see who won the next Head of Household competition on Wednesday night’s episode. But, it was the punishment that the HoH doled out that had fans talking. As a part of winning, the newest HoH, Todd Bridges, had to give a punishment to two other houseguests. He chose to give it to Lamar Odom and Todrick Hall, making them the mojito and lime, respectively. Fans really got a kick out of the punishment and, along with the hilarity that he’s brought to the show all season long, it’s truly cemented Odom as a fan favorite.

It’s safe to say that Odom isn’t the savviest Big Brother player left in the game. However, whether it be questioning how the Power of Veto works or spending more than a few moments attempting to vote, he’s definitely left his mark on Celebrity Big Brother history. The former basketball player brought a big dose of that hilarity as he was forced to be tied together with Hall as they wore their bright green costumes. While Odom wasn’t necessarily a fan of his look, fans definitely appreciated the laughs he brought to the show. 

On social media, fans have shared just how much they appreciate what Odom has brought to the show. Check out what those very viewers are saying below. 


For many fans, Odom is the star of the season. Could he get the vote for America’s Favorite Player?


Man of the People

While fans love Odom on the show, many aren’t too keen on his punishment partner, Hall. As this viewer noted, his reaction to his fellow houseguest says it all.


A Gift

Odom might not be the best Big Brother strategist, but he’s definitely earned the hearts of many throughout his time on the show. This fan wrote that he’s the “gift” that keeps on giving.


Expect the Unexpected

You don’t really know what you’re going to get when you watch Odom on the CBS competition. And that’s just a part of the charm.


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