Laura Ingalls Wilder lost in the first round of her home state’s popularity contest to a YouTuber. We feel ancient


The Wisconsin website Milwaukee Record The contest is for the most beloved public figure to be born in the state. The contestants include athletes, actors, and writers—including Laura Ingalls Wilder. But, the Little House on the Prairie author didn’t even make it to the second round!

Wisconsin Celebs Challenge Each Other

As the year ends, so does the Milwaukee Record Their Wisconsin-Born Celebrity Bracket is being runA contest that pits celebrities against famous figures to determine who is the favourite star of the state. 

Some of the big names included on the bracket-style voting list include Colin Kaepernick, Liberace, Gene Wilder, Chris Farley, Georgia O’Keeffe, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Rachel Brosnahan.

Wilder’s Mega-Popular ‘Little House On The Prairie’Books

Wilder, who competed in the ‘The Greatest Show on Earth, was also on the list. “Other”category against other authors, comedians and performers, as well as content creators. Her fame is worldwide. Little House on the Prairie children’s book series. For generations, the books have been on school reading lists, and we can’t imagine any Gen Xer not being familiar with the author and her series.

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The books are based on Wilder’s own childhood and adolescent experiences growing up in the West in the late 1800s. Little House on the Prairie books are still read widely today—they even spawned the mega-popular TV show of the same name that dominated screens and imaginations for a time.

Some Voters Didn’t Know Who Wilder Was

However, the iconic author didn’t even make it through the first round of votes in the Wisconsin-Born Celebrity Bracket! Wilder was up against Videogamedunkey (more commonly known as dunkey). 

The competition (and Wilder’s loss to dunkey) went viral after someone tweeted a screenshot of her losing to the YouTuber. Many younger people shocked Gen Xers by admitting they had never heard of Wilder herself—her books seem to have a larger profile than Wilder herself. 

Wilder died almost 70 years before his time. Little House on the PrairieThe show was cancelled in 1982, and it has been relegated to the oldies channel since then. It’s not exactly the most surprising turn of events, but it probably would have stung a little less if the author could have made it out the very first round.

Some have suggested that the Milwaukee Record’s Bracket matchups were somewhat unfairParticularly in the “Others” category. It would be unfair to the RecordIt is virtually impossible to make even brackets. Even though Wilder lost out to dunkey, her books will no doubt still remain as a important part of young people’s reading lists.

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