Lauren Goodger, a pregnant woman, says that ‘good sex” has healed her relationship with Charles Drury


Lauren Goodger, a former TOWIE star and pregnant actress, has ended her relationship with Charles Drury. He left her heartbroken after having a one-night stand with an Essex model.

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Lauren Goodger kisses Charles in the pool

Lauren Goodger revealed that Charles Drury, Lauren’s ex-boyfriend, helped them get back on track.

The star, who is 35 and pregnant with Charles, 25, was heartbroken to discover that Charles had slept with another lady while she was on a break.

Lauren, hurt by Charles’ actions when they separated briefly, called it quits on their relationship – before discovering she was pregnant with his second baby.

Lauren and Charles were separated for a few months, but Lauren decided to give Charles another chance. The pair have been thriving together, and they are eagerly awaiting the birth of their second child.

Lauren, who has a baby girl named Larose, shared with Charles. She revealed that the pair had ‘good sex’ which helped them to become closer after their shock split.

Former TOWIE star, a former TOWIE star, lifted the lid on their reconciliation OK! MagazineShe’s determined to make it work with Charles as they prepare to have two children together.

“It’s actually better now than it ever has been,” Lauren told. “We went through it and I’m glad we’ve gone through it as it’s actually made us stronger.”

Charles also told the publication: “Moving house, having a baby and going through the tests in our relationship has made us stronger and now we’re probably the happiest we’ve been. I’m really happy my family is back together and things have been good at home. I’m 100% committed to my family.”

Lauren and Charles have had some serious conversations about their future since the pregnant reality TV was left devastated to discover that Charles had a one-night-stand with an Essex model during their brief period of separation last November.

And following their reconciliation, Charles has proved his love to Lauren with ‘loads of good sex’.

“There was a lot of good sex. We also had lots of love. It’s just different. He returned very positive and full-of-energy and said that he was happy to be back. ‘I’m going to help you more with Larose, I really appreciate you as a mum – you’re amazing.’ Things he hadn’t really said,” Lauren explained.

Charles went on to reveal that following his infidelity, he went to see a therapist who helped him through his issues.

“I went to a therapist and saw a life coach and spoke to him about things I’ve been through in my life and why it happened and why I’ve done things I’ve done,” he told.

“He helped me realise the bigger picture – I wanted the family and I didn’t appreciate what I had when I had it and why I should appreciate it now I’ve got it back and do my utmost to make sure it always stays together.”

And although he’s let her down in the past, Lauren has no lingering feelings that Charles will be unfaithful again.

“I trust him more now than I ever did. I think it had to happen to make us where we are. I’ve got no doubts at all. Everyone deserves another chance,” Lauren shared.

Lauren and Charles are expecting their second child in July.