Lauren “Lolo” Wood Pregnant?


Since Lolo was a former Wild ‘N Out girl and works as a model, fans expect the beauty to have a sizable net worth. And her net worth is likely steadily growing.

Per MarriedBiography, Lolo has accumulated a net worth of about $500,000. This figure is likely the combination of her appearance on the sketch comedy show, being a social media influencer, and working as a model. Lolo has also secured brand partnerships with Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, and Boohoo.

Not to mention, since Lolo is focused on being a fitness enthusiast, it’s safe to say that her net worth will continue to skyrocket — since she’s expected to amass celebrity clientele.

Aside from Lolo’s money-making efforts, the latest rumors about her life are extremely invasive. There’s no denying that pregnancy news is great. But, violating the privacy of a celebrity (or anyone for that matter) is super disrespectful. Celebrities should be able to announce their pregnancy news on their own time, not by force.