Lauren London Body Shamed After Photos of Her New Role With Jonah Hill Unveiled


Lauren London is back on the scene in a new movie and fans are excited about it. Promotional photos of the ATL star in her new film alongside Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, and Nia Long have hit the net. The film is called You People and is directed by Barris. It’s one of 28 films Netflix is releasing this year and marks Barris’ directorial debut. You People has a star-studded cast starring comedic greats. It’s London’s first time on film since her role in Amazon Prime Video’s Without Remorse as Michael B. Jordan’s love interest. But instead of talking about all the movie entails, one person decided to talk about London’s change in appearance. 

“Fine women getting fat, this the real pandemic,” one fan wrote. “No way this is Lauren London,” another wrote on Twitter. Both messages were captured in screenshots and reposted on Instagram. The internet wasn’t having it and let it be known that London is to be left alone. 

Those who are familiar know that London has been out of the spotlight since the 2019 murder of her longtime partner, rapper, and entrepreneur Nipsey Hussle. Hussle was gunned down in LA outside of his Marathon Clothing store in the Crenshaw section of the city. Since his death, London has been focused on raising her two sons and working with Hussle’s estate to continue the work he was doing before his untimely passing. 

London is a fan favorite. Her fans let the internet troll know immediately that she’s royalty, no matter what size. 

Aging like wine

While some are focused on her alleged weight gain, fans are happy London is back to work after experiencing such a tragedy losing Hussle. Hopefully, others projects featuring London are to come.


Doesn’t matter what size

London has been a heartthrob since she stepped on the scene. Her fans are letting it be known nothing has changed.


Be positive

Body shaming is never OK. Body shaming London for many is even worse.


A trending topic

Fans flocked to Twitter to see why London was trending. When they found out why, it was unbelievable.


Why pick on her

Whenever London is in the news, it’s a joy for fans as she likes her privacy. Her name associated with any sort of body shaming is unacceptable.