Lauren Pazienza’s Allegations: Lauren Pazienza Creates a Disturbing Timeline After Voice Coach’s Fatal Shove Arrest


The woman charged with manslaughter in the death of a beloved voice coach remains behind bars. According to authorities, her actions in the aftermath of the incident indicate that she knew she was suspect.

Police claim that Lauren Pazienza (26), walked back to the scene six-minutes after she pushed Barbara Maier Gustern, 87, to the ground. They also watched as an ambulance arrived at the scene.

Pazienza’s attorney spoke with reporters and stated that the evidence wasn’t clear.

“Whether it was a push, whether it was a shove, whether it was a kick or whether someone tripped — the evidence is not very solid on that at all,” Artuhr Aidala said.

Police say the victim remained conscious long enough to tell them that her assailant, who she had never met before, crossed the street, called her a b**** and pushed her as hard as she had ever been hit in her life.

Authorities say Pazienza and her fiance, who works for Microsoft, got into the subway at Penn Station, transferred at Times Square, then took the train to their apartment in Queens, leaving a digital trail with the fiance’s Metrocard.

Pazienza spent the next few minutes deleting all of her social media, photos, and even the website for her June Wedding.

Police say that Pazienza fled Gustern’s death and went into hiding at her Long Island parents. She stayed there for two weeks. Also, she allegedly left her cell phone at the aunt’s house.

Police released video of Pazienza on the crime scene, and placed wanted posters all over the city. A magnified photo provided a more striking image.

Two people will be arrested Monday for allegedly violating the terms of the Human Rights Act. “knew her well”Call the tip and detectives go to her home.

According to some reports, her father said that she wasn’t there and wouldn’t let them search the home. Pazienza surrendered to her father the next day, accompanied by a lawyer. 

Pazienza is due in court next Friday. Her lawyer says that she will not plead guilty. If convicted, she faces 25 years imprisonment.

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