Lawyer for the ‘Rust Armorer Claims That Someone on Set May have Put Live Round in Box Of Dummy Rounds


An attorney for “Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed is suggesting the possibility of sabotage on the set before last month’s fatal shooting. 

Jason Bowles, the attorney, claimed that someone may have deliberately placed a live cartridge in a box filled with dummy rounds Gutierrez Reed used to load the gun Alec Baldwin fired. This inadvertently killed Halyna HUTCHINS, the cinematographer, and injures Joel Souza.

“There was a live round, at least one, potentially more, placed in that box, somehow by somebody,”Bowles’ Inside Edition

Bowles answered the question, “Who would have placed a live-round in the box of Dummies?” “We’re not ruling anybody out in our investigation. We’re looking at everything — if there were people disgruntled on the set, they had walked off the day before.”

Hours before the fatal shooting, several crew members walked off set over safety concerns and housing accommodations. 

Bowles claimed Wednesday that GutierrezReed, who was under scrutiny since the Oct. 21, shooting, was not present at the church when Baldwin shot the gun. This was because she was performing her job as a prop assistant. 

“She was not in the church, and at that time, they were doing what’s called tech prep. So [assistant director] David Halls had the firearm. He was sitting in the pew when she left. They were positioning the cameras. There was not supposed to be a scene at that point or any kind of rehearsal,” Bowles said.

Gutierrez­Reed had also checked each chamber before giving the gun to Halls.

“The armorer did check it. She spun the cylinder for Mr. Halls. Mr. Halls then had the duty to check it and had to ensure before he handed it to somebody else,” Bowles said.

He also said that it would have been very difficult to recognize a living round inside the chamber.

“This is an example of a dummy round, if you can see it. A dummy round has a projectile tip. It has a cylinder. It has a primer. It resembles a real round,” Bowles said.

Halls’ lawyer has stated that it was not his duty check the gun.

Bowles also stated Wednesday in interviews that the gun was left unattended for two hours on the morning of the shooting. But, he admitted that there is no evidence that would support this claim. New York Times reported.

Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin filled his Instagram page with screenshots from the movie’s costume designer, who defended Baldwin and safety conditions on set.

“I am so sick of this narrative. I worked on this movie. The story being spun of us being overworked and surrounded by unsafe, chaotic conditions is bull****,” Terese Magpale Davis wrote.

But a camera assistant who quit the day before the shooting says safety concerns were ignored.

“Lax COVID policies, the housing situation — driving to and from Albuquerque — and specifically gun safety, a lack of rehearsals,”The assistant to the camera said: “Good Morning America.”

The movie’s production company has previously said it never received an official complaint concerning weapon or prop safety.