Lawyer Reinstated After Controversial Tweet about Lilibet Diana’s name


After she posted a tweet that was racially insensitive, a lawyer has been cleared Meghan MarkleAnd Prince Harry’sDaughter Lilibet Diana’s name. Joanna Toch, a family law attorney, was investigated by a regulator before she was cleared and now she’s speaking out about her experience. 

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s Controversial Name Decision

After news broke in June 2021 that Meghan Markle was pregnant with Prince Harry’s second child, the couple named Lilibet Diana their baby girl. Harry is particularly attached to the name, because “Lilibet”His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, was his childhood nickname. “Diana,”His mother’s name, of course, was his last. 

When the name was released, there was a wave of backlash from some royal watchers who believed that it was uncouth of the Sussexes to name their daughter the queen’s personal nickname. Some claimed that the royals chose those names to be friendly to the rest. 

Amidst the backlash from reactionary forces, there is still a contributor for The Daily TelegraphNamed Julie Burchill tweets “What a missed opportunity. They could have called it Georgina Floydina!”To give context, George Floyd, a man who was named George Floyd, was shot to death by police officers in 2008 after he knelt on their necks for eight minutes. A $20 bill purportedly fake was the reason he was detained by police. Five children were left behind, including a six year-old daughter and two grandchildren. 

‘Don’t Black Names Matter?’

Joanna Toch wrote in to comment on the thread. “No Doria? Don’t Black names matter?” The tweet was apparently referencing Markle’s mother Doria Ragland as well as the Black Lives Matter movement, which was heavily involved in the nationwide protests that erupted after the killing of George Floyd. Toch was briefly removed from her law office and she was subject to 83 complaints at the Bar Standards Board (BSB). 

At the time, Toch’s firm, Family Law Cafe Limited, released a statement about the suspension, stating that there was an ongoing internal investigation and adding, “FLC considers her comments as offensive, unacceptable and highly contradictory to the inclusive manner in which FLC has always and will continue to work with members of all communities in managing the challenges of matrimonial and family disputes.”

Reinstated Following Controversy

The suspension was lifted eventually and the BSB denied the allegations against her. In a statement Obtained by Newsweek, Toch said, “My tweets were misinterpreted, perhaps deliberately by some, and I was publicly vilified with threats made about me and my family.” 

The statement went on: “The furor was whipped up by those who should have known better in my view. The Family Law Bar Association and the Bar Council put out rash comments without speaking with me to see what my side of events was. This whole episode shows how a few people can decide what they think something means and bypass any attempt to clarify or use due process.” 

Toch concluded, “I am sorry that those working with me had to also stand up to some nasty bullying behavior. I continue to support British tolerance and the rule of law and I always will. I knew that all the nonsense put out about me had no truth in it and I didn’t read it at the time.”We wonder what Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and all the hullabaloo are thinking. 

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