Leah Remini Supposedly Unrecognizable After A ‘Ton Of Cosmetic Enhancements,’Sketchy Source Statements


It is Leah ReminiAre her family members worried about her extensive cosmetic procedures? According to one tabloid, the actress is “puzzling”People around her were impressed by her appearance. Let’s take a look at Remini’s makeover.

Leah Remini’s Makeover ‘Mystifies Pals’?

The latest edition National Enquirer reports Leah Remini isn’t looking like herself, and her friends are starting to worry. “Unfortunately, she’s almost unrecognizable,”Insider source recipes The tabloid speculates Remini’s new look is in preparation for her return to TV. A plastic surgeon who hasn’t treated Remini tells the magazine, “I suspect she’s had Botox to smooth frown lines and wrinkles on her forehead.”The doctor continues, “Her cheeks look fuller — a possible result of filler injections.”

Another doctor believes Remini underwent a full-facelift and even had an eyelid procedure. Yet another doctor told the magazine that Remini had opted for a complete facelift. “her nose tip appears thinner and her lips are definitely fuller.” But the results didn’t impress one of the experts. “She may look younger now, but she also looks a lot less attractive!”The doctor wraps.

Leah Remini Scaring Her Friends With Makeover?

Here’s the thing: Remini Did get botox — and she isn’t afraid to talk about it. She hasn’t even sworn off the idea of possibly getting plastic surgery. Last year, a Twitter user commented on how stiff Remini’s face appeared, to which Remini gracefully responded: “I haven’t had plastic surgery yet, but the fact that you noticed my face isn’t moving, means my Botox has lasted all this time, I see that as a positive.”

She isn’t hiding the fact that she’s had Botox injections. She even suggested that she may have plastic surgery one day. We’re sure those close to Remini already know this, so we doubt they’re “puzzled”Oder “mystified”As the tabloid claims. We have serious doubts that Remini is talking to anyone in her vicinity. Remini’s cosmetic treatments do not concern this tabloid one bit. And readers should disregard any doctor that feels the need to comment on someone’s “attractiveness”While giving their medical opinion.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Plastic Surgery

When the National Enquirer brings up plastic surgery, it’s really just trying to shame a celebrity for their appearance. The tabloid reported that Ryan Seacrest nearly lost his sight after a botox injection went wrong. The tabloid then claimed Paula Abdul had been ill. “overboard”on plastic surgery, and was scaring her co stars. The outlet also reported that Tom Cruise was being rehabilitated. “unrecognizable”After a series of cosmetic procedures. Evidently, the Get in touch isn’t concerned with celebrities’ health or well-being and just wants to insult them.