LeAnn Rimes’ Worst Red Carpet Looks Plus Her First Times


LeAnn RimesShe was just 13 years old when she started in the music business. A year later, she received her first Grammy for her hit country song. “Blue.”Growing up in the 90s, Rimes made some poor choices on the red carpet as a youngster. This is part of growing up. Her style has changed dramatically since her beginnings in music. 

LeAnn Rimes, who signed with Nashville label Curb in 1997, made history when she won her first Grammy. Rimes, who was just 14 years old, easily won the Best New Artist and Best Female Country Vocal Performance awards. “Blue,”She is the youngest Grammy Award recipient in history. 

LeAnn Rimes’ Red Carpet Style Today

It is interesting to note that the recording of “Blue”That version, which Rimes recorded in 1997 at the age of 11 was critically acclaimed. It makes her 1997 Grammy win that much more remarkable. Obviously Rimes’ earlier appearances on the red carpet happened when she was still a young teen.

So, we won’t judge her too harshly for wearing styles popular in the late 90s. That being said, we won’t waste an opportunity to point out those old trends, which Rimes both set and followed.

Bedazzling by Any Other Name

2014 was the first year that we think is more of an flop on the red carpet. Rimes and Eddie Cibrian attended Trans4m’s Annual Benefit Concert. Both were dressed up to the occasion. Cibrian looked handsome and cool in his jeans and gray vest combination, but we’re not so crazy about Rimes’ dress for one very specific reason. 

We will absolutely Hated the era where costume jewelry came attached to clothing, whether it’s a blouse from the mostly defunct Fashion Bug to a faux leather dress like this one. While we love Rimes in this dress and the style it shows, we can’t support any non-removable jewelry. Sorry, no.

This Top Gave us Warlike Flashbacks

Our second red carpet flop came during Rimes’ marriage to Dean Sheremet, whom she infamously divorced in order to marry Cibrian. They were still newlyweds at the time this photo was taken at 2003’s world premiere Bruce Almighty. Rimes wore a casual green striped V neck blouse and blue jeans for this date night. 

Those who didn’t live during this era probably won’t recognize this shirt, but let us assure you that it had a stranglehold on colleges, high schools, and middle schools across the country. We’re glad we’ve finally moved on from this style of shirt, as well as the jeans, which are no doubt low risers with button enclosures that have absolutely no mercy on anything other than the flattest of stomachs.

Night of the Extensions

In New York, the premiere of Coyote – Ugly which featured Rimes’ singing talents as well as a brief cameo, Rimes was the consummate child of Y2K. Rimes’ eye-popping pink and orange eyeshadows with zero blending were a testimony to the times. But the real sin was the hair extensions. Just like with the eyeshadow, no attempt was made to blend Rimes’ natural hair with the blonde extensions someone tacked on haphazardly. Somehow, the fake hair makes Rimes’ real locks look like cheap Barbie hair. One look that no one wins. 

Baby Doll, Baby Don’t

A year earlier, at the 1999 WB Radio Music Awards, Rimes’ hair looked much more natural without all the extensions holding it down. Innocence was the 90s (think Britney Spears). “Baby One More Time” music video) and grunge. 

Rimes mixes the two themes of the decade together in this red carpet appearance, though we’re not all that crazy about the results. The baby doll t-shirt looks sweet against the black leather pants Rimes wears, but we can’t help feeling this outfit is missing that extra oomph, and we’re going to blame it all on her lackluster top.  

Our First Looks At LeAnn Rimes

Finally, we’ve come to two of LeAnn Rimes’ first red carpet walks. First up is Rimes’ 1997 victory lap after winning at the Billboard Music Awards, taking home four trophies for Artist of the Year, Country Artist of the Year, Country Singles Artist of the Year. Rimes was also awarded Album of the Year. Blue.

Last, but certainly not least, Rimes’ first appearance before many fans. The then 14-year-old had just made Grammy history as the youngest person to ever win an award, though Beyonce’s oldest daughter Blue Ivy recently broke that record. It’s amazing to think that Rimes literally grew up right before our very eyes. It’s only natural that she’d have some fashion fails along the way. Haven’t we all?

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