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Mike Holmes, HGTV’s star, is one of Canada’s most loved men. Holmes has been sharing his carpentry skills for decades with the rest of the world. Holmes, despite his celebrity status has kept his personal life private. Here’s what we know about his romantic relationships, both past and present.

Holmes is reported to have been in a relationship with Anna Zappia since the early 2000s

It’s a mystery to the public just how Anna Zappia and Mike Holmes came into each other’s lives, but we know that it was sometime in the early aughts. Holmes was still in the early stages of establishing HGTV. His first show was, Holmes on Homes, Production began in 2001 and the film premiered in 2003. It is believed that Zappia is a fashion model. But little else is known about Zappia’s personal life. Nevertheless, she’s undoubtedly a fixture in Holmes’ life.

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Some sources claim Holmes refers Zappia to Zappia, but there is no evidence to support this. Nevertheless, after about two decades together, it’s clear the couple isn’t afraid of commitment. The couple isn’t camera-shy, either. Zappia has made more than one appearance on Holmes’ social media.

His first marriage ended in divorce

Mike Holmes, then only 19, reportedly married his first wife in 1982. Holmes owned his own construction business at the time and had 13 crew members. There’s some confusion about Holmes’ ex-wife’s name. It is widely believed that her name is Alexandra Lorex. However, some people believe she is Wendy Sheppard.

According to Get distracted, the couple’s marriage was strained by the recession in the early 1990s. Holmes had to disband his company and let go of 13 of his employees. Of course, his finances have since recovered, and he’s now one of the wealthiest HGTV stars to date. Their divorce seems to have been a peaceful one. We know that they did not reconcile, even though Holmes had a successful television career.

Since their marriage dissolved in 1993, years before social media, there aren’t many ways to learn about Mike Holmes’ first wife. We do know that the couple has three children together: Amanda, Mike Jr., Sherry. Sherry as well as Mike Jr. have followed in their father’s footstepsHolmes and he currently collaborates on several TV shows.

Mike Holmes is also a dedicated grandfather. Sherry and Blake Steed have two children. Steed is also a contractor, and he’s made multiple appearances on the Holmes’ TV shows. It’s clear that even though Holmes’ first marriage didn’t work out, he is still a dedicated family man.

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