Leni Klum’s Bio Father Isn’t Seal, and Heidi Klum isn’t the Only Model He Has Dated


Heidi Klum’s daughter LeniShe is making her mark on the modeling scene, but what does Klum think about her father? Many assume that Klum’s longtime husband Seal is Leni’s father, but it’s actually Italian businessman Flavio Briatore—and Klum isn’t the only supermodel he’s been in a relationship with. 

Flavio Briatore: Who Are You?

Briatore began his career in Italy as an Italian restaurant manager and salesman for insurance. Briatore became the manager of the Benetton Formula One Racing Team after opening several successful Benetton franchises. After it became clear that he was involved in race fixing at 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, Briatore was forced to resign. He is involved in many ventures including fashion, nightclubs and restaurants as well as hotels. His business life has been by turns tumultuous and glamorous, and Briatore’s romantic life is just the same.

His Supermodel Relationships

In 1998, he was engaged to Naomi Campbell, a supermodel. Although they did not get married, the couple continued their on-again, off again relationship until 2003. They parted on good terms, and they are still friends. 

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In 2003, Briatore began dating Klum. Klum was pregnant ten years after they began their relationship. The couple broke up soon after the news of the baby was announced. Klum started a relationship Seal shortly thereafter. Briatore was a part of another couple after his split with Klum. “Wonderbra” model Elisabetta Gregoraci. The couple were married in 2008. They had their son in 2010. 

Klum: ‘Seal Is Leni’s Father’

Klum gave birth to Leni in May of 2004 and, according to her, Briatore is not involved in his daughter’s life. In an interview with USA Today, Klum made it very clear that her ex was not a part of Leni’s life, saying, “Seal is Leni’s father.”Briatore allowed Seal to adopt Leni legally in 2009, making it official. 

Seal and Klum parted ways in 2014. However, his relationship with Leni continues to be strong. Recently, the father-daughter duo attended the premiere The more they fall, together, Seal calling it “one of the proudest moments of my life.”

He went on to explain the relationship., saying, “It’s everything and it has always been like that, from the day I met her mother. She was two weeks pregnant with this beautiful lady [Leni]. We have always had that bond.” Even though Briatore is Leni’s biological father, Seal is definitely the one she calls “Dad.”

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